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ck File, Create New Burn Folder and name the burn folder. 2 Double-click on the new burn folder. 3 Drag and drop the files tha t you would like to copy to CD into the burn folder. 4 Click Burn. 5 Insert a blank CD-R into your computer when prompted. On a PC 6 Insert a blank CD-R into your computer. 7 Click Burn files to data disc in the dialog box that appears after inserting the CD-R. 8 Type a name for the disc and select Show formatting options. 9 Select Mastered. 10 Click Next. After doing so, an em star png pty disc folder will appear. 11 Drag and drop the files that you would like to copy to CD into the disc folder. 12 Click Burn to disc.1 Click Start and click Run. 2 Type cmd then hit Enter. 3 Type chkdsk x: f and press Enter, substituting x fo Mathilde Meyer r the letter of the defective drive. 4 Open Start, then click Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and open Backup. 5 Select .

work There are two types of wireless networks: secured and unsecured. A secured network means you have to have permission to acces s the network. Most companies operate an intranet internal to the company only that is secured with passwords and firewalls howe ver these are typically hard-line networks cables and direct connections. Most Wi-Fi hotspots operate on unsecured networks allo wing anyone with a Wi-Fi capable device to use the network. All usage on secured and unsecured networks can be monitored and recor lease agreement ded. If a website is accessed, it is accessed through the network connection allowing the network hub, router, or server access to the information. Depending upon the settings of the computer being used, information on the computer itself can also be accessed Mathilde Meyer by network administrators including saved files, histories, and related content. Virus protection software and computer specific s .

g Your Information If you are connecting your computer to an unsecured network, you need to have solid virus and spyware software loaded and active on your computer. You also want to update your operating system settings to prohibit external access. Avoid send ing personal or protected information over the Internet when connected to an unsecured network otherwise that information can be v iewed and monitored. Whenever and wherever possible, your preference should be to connect only to a secured network. A secured net free ebook downloads work can still be monitored but only by those with authorized access and administrator level access. Protecting Your Histories If you want to further protect yourself from spying or intrusion, modify your browser settings accordingly. Do not use the save pass Mathilde Meyer word options or form fill as this information can be stored as a cookie on your computer. Set your browser to clear the history a .

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