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nd cookies upon closing. This will slow down your Internet usage but prohibit your computer from maintaining an active history of websites accessed and limit the ability of other people from viewing personal information. When going online, if you are concerned about personal information getting stolen or someone monitoring your usage, the best rule of thumb is to limit your Internet usag e.1 Place the boot disk in the CD drive. 2 Restart the computer and press any key to boot into DOS. 3 Type in undelete c: list lease agreement and press Enter. This will display a list of recoverable files from your primary hard drive. Substitute in another drive letter if you lost photos off a drive other than the c drive e.g. undelete d: list. 4 Type in undelete x:filename and press Ent Mathilde Meyer er, replacing x with thedrive letter containing the lost photo and filename with the name of the photo e.g. myphoto1.jpg .

device to a PCI slot. Problems To boot a SATA device, the BIOS -- the built-in software that detects and configures devices at sta rtup -- must detect the PCI card installed on the computer. The BIOS will not detect the SATA device if the card is misconfigured or incorrectly installed. Troubleshooting Older BIOS software may miscategorize SATA devices connected to a PCI slot as SCSI devic es. Reconfiguring the BIOS to load the SCSI device may allow you to boot from the hard drive. If the BIOS detects no SCSI device, free ebook downloads you may need to reseat the adapter.No Wireless Connections Available One of the most common errors with the Windows Wireless Manag er is that it fails to detect some or all wireless networks in range. This can arise because of incorrect router settings or wirel Mathilde Meyer ess settings on your computer. You can fix this by restarting your router, or by disabling and then enabling your wireless connect .

onnected to the wireless network but you are not able to access the Internet. This is another very common issue with Windows Wirel ess Manager. This could be a result of your wireless adaptor not being able to authenticate your computer. Check your router setti ngs to see if they security key you are entering on your PC is correct. You can also check to see if your router has MAC address f iltering. If yes, you can either disable it or add your computer's MAC address to the list as well. Refer to your router's manual website template for instructions on how to change these settings. Cannot Connect to the Wireless Network A common issue with Windows Wireless Mana ger is that, although you might see your preferred wireless network, your computer will not connect to it. You may get messages li Mathilde Meyer ke Request timed out. A possible reason for this might be out of date drivers for your wireless card. You can solve this problem .

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