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by updating drivers for your wireless card. Right click on My Computer and then click on Properties. Then click on the Hardw are and then on Device Manager. You will see a list of hardware devices and in this list you will find your wireless network ad aptor. Right click the icon for your wireless network adaptor and click on Update drivers. Slow Wireless Connection You might be connected to your wireless network, but your Internet speed might be very slow. This could be due to the fact that other computer free ebook downloads s might be connected to your wireless connection without your knowledge. Another possible reason could be that your router might b e using the same channel as most of your neighbors. You can change the router channel by going into router settings and then under Mathilde Meyer the Channel tab selecting a new channel. Each router has a slightly different settings page so refer to your router's manual to .

gin restoring itself to that date. This may fix your problem, but if it does not, then you need to take potentially more destructi ve measures to repair the svchost.exe. 2 Backup your important data by copying the files and applications to a USB hard drive or b urning them to disc. The backup should include all of your music, movies, and any other important files and applications that you have installed on your system. You can backup using Windows tools by right clicking on your desktop, clicking New Folder, naming website template it Backup, and manually copying the files into it; then burn the folder to a disc or copy it to the USB drive. To copy a file, right click it and click Copy. Then right click inside the folder and click Paste. Click the DVD icon in My Computer and the Mathilde Meyer n click the Burn button to burn the files to a disc. 3 Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer. Hold dow .

epair option; then hit Enter. Windows repairs the core operating system components. 4 Reboot your computer to complete svchost.e xe restoration. If you lost any data, copy it to your system's hard drive from the backup you made.1 Click the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner of the screen, type cmd in the Search bar and press Enter. A black window opens. Type cd windowssystem3 2 at the command prompt and press Enter. This changes the directory. 2 Type nslookup and press Enter after you change the d metal texture irectory in the same black window. The DNS server settings are shown on the screen. Type any website address, such as om, and press Enter. The IP address for the website you entered comes on the screen. The IP address looks something like 555.12 Mathilde Meyer 8.485.32. 3 Type ping --a and the IP address listed in the previous step in the same black window. Make sure you use the --a sw .

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