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itch in front of the IP address you type. It should like this: -a 555.128.485.32 based on the IP address used in the previous ste p. In the results you should see the DNS server successfully sent and received packets. It may say something like Sent =4, Recei ved =4, Lost =0. If it received all packets sent and lost none, the DNS is correct.1 Change the channel your wireless router uses to broadcast. Log in to the router by opening your computer's browser and entering http:followed by the router IP address. Fo website template r example, the default IP address for a Linksys router is and the default password is admin see Resources for a lis t of default router IP addresses. Select the Wireless tab and then select channel 1, 6 or 11 from the Channel drop-down menu. Mathilde Meyer Record your network channel and security settings WEP or WPA key, for example prior to making any changes. 2 Go to Dell's Drive .

installation instructions. A new antenna will boost your wireless network's performance. 4 Install a wireless repeater. A repeate r sits between the wireless access point or router and extends the signal to your Dell Mini. 5 Select a Wi-Fi network on a differe nt channel when traveling. Right-click the Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility icon in the system tray. Select the Site Monitor tab and select a network on a different channel. The Channel column displays each connection's channel. Try several channels to see metal texture if the reception improves. 6 Move closer to the wireless access point when using an open network. The closer you are, the less int erference you should experience.1 Press the Power button on the computer and allow the machine to fully load. Grab the monitor p Mathilde Meyer ortion of the computer and twist it towards the left until the screen begins to move. Continue until the screen moves 180 degrees .

commands on-screen to select them. To write, simply touch the pen to the screen and write as you would with a normal pen. The scre en will record the strokes of the stylus pen and allow you to write freely. You will need to have a word processing page or a prog ram that accepts text open to use the stylus pen to write on the screen.Physical Attributes Physically, SD and SDHC cards are iden tical. Standard cards measure approximately 32 by 24 by 2.1 mm and weigh roughly 2 grams. Both SD and SDHC cards have a physical w maya 3d rite-protection switch on the side of the card that can be used to prevent accidental deletion or corruption of information stored on the card. Both SD and SDHC cards are available in the smaller, more fragile Mini and Micro sizes. Storage Capacity The lar Mathilde Meyer gest SD cards have a memory capacity of 2GB. SD cards can typically be purchased in 1GB and 2GB formats, though older cards are av .

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