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ect button. Windows Vista 4 Click on the Start icon in the bottom-left corner of your desktop. 5 Click Connect To from the me nu and then click on the network that you want to connect to. 6 Enter the key for that network if you are asked. Press the Connec t button. Windows 7 7 Click on the wireless network icon in the notification tray on the right side of the task bar. 8 Scroll thr ough the list of available wireless networks that appears and click on the network that you wish to connect to. Press the Connect maya 3d button. 9 Type the network key into the box if prompted and then press OK to connect to the network.Start XP Debugger The XP D ebugger may not be started. To start it, click Start, Run. Type drwtsn32 in the Open box and press Enter. Disable XP Deb Mathilde Meyer ugger Disabling and then enabling Dr. Watson can fix problems. To disable it, click Start. Type regedit in the search box and .

Type a name and location for the saved file and click Save. Then right-click AeDebug and click Delete. EnableXP Debugger Som etimes when having problems with a program enabling the application can fix the problem. To enable the XP Debugger, Click Start, type cmd in the Open box, and press Enter to open a Command Prompt. A black window opens. Type Drwtsn32 --I and press En ter. This reinstalls the XP Debugger. Restart your computer when the process completes.1 Place the HP Personal Media Drive on a t stencil font able or other sturdy surface so the front is facing you. 2 Insert the tip of your flat-head screwdriver in the seam between the fr ont black panel and the body of the drive. Gently pry the black front panel toward you until it pops off and set it aside. 3 Inser Mathilde Meyer t the tip of your flat-head screwdriver in the seam between the rear black panel and the body of the drive. Gently pry it toward y .

components of the drive. Your HP Personal Media Drive is now disassembled.Audiodg.exe For some Windows users Vista and Windows 7 , audiodg.exe can hog the CPU and cause your computer to run slowly. This audio program can be shut down from the activity monito r, or by clicking the speaker icon, opening the Playback Devices menu, and disabling all enhancements. USB Audio Device Issues i n Windows In Windows Vista or Windows 7, CPU usage issues might occur when a USB audio device is attached. This can cause skips in social media logos audio playback. This problem can be eliminated by downloading a hotfix from Microsoft see References. Mac Snow Leopard Issues Mac users running Snow Leopard can address audio-related CPU usage issues by downloading a Mac Pro audio software update see Ref Mathilde Meyer erences.Steps 1 Decide on the coverage area. Most commercially available routers come in two basic flavors: the 802.11g Wireless .

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