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the network is properly connected and communicating with the network. 6 Wait a few minutes and press F5 to refresh the list of n otebooks on the network after verifying the notebook is connected to the network. 7 Select Start, Search, and Notebooks or Pe ople to locate the notebook on the particular network you are trying to access. Cannot Connect to a Particular Notebook on the Ne twork 8 Check that the notebook is properly connected to the network. 9 Verify that your TCPIP setup is correct by selecting Sta imac models rt, Control Panel and Network Connections. 10 Wait a few minutes and press F5 to refresh the list of notebooks on the netwo rk. Connection to the Network Is Slow 11 Check to see if you might be in an area with more than one wireless LAN.The LANs could be Mathilde Meyer interfering with one another. 12 Move your notebook closer to the access point infrastructure connection or other wireless note .

s 14 Make sure the wireless indicator light is on and that Bluetooth communications is turned on. Select Start, All Programs, Utilities, Wireless Configuration and click the Bluetooth button if it is not selected.If no Bluetooth button is shown, your n otebook does not support Bluetooth communication. 15 Verify that the Bluetooth device you are attempting to communicate with is on .Some Bluetooth phones and other devices must be specifically set for detection and may be detectable by other devices for only sh apple cider vinegar diet ort periods of time. 16 Refresh the list of Bluetooth devices by selecting the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar, then select Bluetoo th, and Search for Devices in the menu bar.1 Locate the Internet connection icon on your task bar. This icon is shaped like a c Mathilde Meyer omputer, and it will have one of three symbols on it: a globe for a properly configured connection; a yellow triangle for an offli .

on in the Connect window. Click Properties and wait for the new dialog box to open up. 5 Click over to the Connection tab. C heck the Connect Automatically option and click OK. 6 Change all of your connections to connect automatically. This allows your connections to begin automatically should your main connection fail to function for any reason.1 Check the USB data cable connecti on running from the Toshiba DVD-ROM to your computer. If the cable is not inserted securely on both ends, the data is not going to imac models stream from the two devices. 2 Install the drivers onto your computer. Without installed drivers the computer is not going to det ect your Toshiba DVD drive. Insert the driver installation CD into the computer and follow the brief prompts on the installation w Mathilde Meyer izard that loads. 3 Install the software after the drivers. Without the drivers you can not watch a DVD movie. Like with the drive .

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