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drive space. 2 Explore the File, Edit, and Tools menus at the top of the program's window and look for a Settings or Pref erences option. When you find it, click on it. 3 Scan the Settings or Preferences window to look for an output folder name, o r any other phrase that suggests the area where the program is putting your restored files. When you find it, write down the file path. For example, the program might say that the output file path is C:Program FilesRestore ProgramRestored Files. 4 Click o script fonts nMy Computer or Computer in the Start menu and navigate the folders to arrive at the folder indicated by the file path that you found. Once you open that folder, you should be able to view the deleted files that you restored.1 Press the Windows logo key Mathilde Meyer in the lower-left corner of the keyboard and the R key simultaneously. The Run dialog box appears. Type devmgmt.msc and pres .

lightly on some systems. Close the Device Manager when the process is complete. 3 Click the Start button, then click Control Pa nel. 4 Double-click Add Hardware. If you do not see this icon on the Control Panel, click Classic View in Windows XP and Vist a or View by: Small icons in Windows 7. 5 Click Next. Windows detects the floppy disk controller and floppy drive and installs the drivers for both devices. A confirmation screen is then displayed. 6 Click Finish and close the Control Panel to resume usi social media icons ng your computer.1 Remove the memory card from your cell phone. Most phones require you to power off the device before removing th e memory card; check your phone's documentation to determine if it's necessary. If in doubt, it's best to turn off the phone to pr Mathilde Meyer event damage to both your phone and your memory card. 2 Insert the memory card usually a microSD card into the SD card adapter. .

, you may consider purchasing an external SD card reader that connects to your laptop via a USB port. 4 Browse the files on the me mory card using your computer. If you are using a Windows PC, your memory card should show up as an extra drive in Windows Explore r. On a Mac, your SD card should appear on the desktop. 5 Use your phone's memory card just as you would use a USB flash drive or any other drive. It can store and transport files in the exact same way.1 Turn off the computer and unplug it. 2 Use the Phillips rental agreement screwdriver to remove the screws from the back of your case, allowing you to pull off the right-hand panel. 3 Unscrew the hard dri ve from the mounting bay and unplug the power and data cables. 4 Remove the drive from the computer, turn it over and unscrew the Mathilde Meyer screws with the T9 Torx screw driver. 5 Unscrew the screw holding the drive magnet in place and lift the magnet out of the drive. .

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