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6 Pull the head lock and the head of the drive off, exposing the platters. 7 Pull the platters out of the machine one by one to fi nd the one needed.Function Registry repair software will scan the computer for common problems, such as corrupt or obsolete files, remnants of uninstalled software programs and orphaned shortcuts, and will fix them. Significance Fixing computer registry proble ms can speed up the computing process. This is because the registry functions as a large database to which the computer refers whe social media icons n starting up, installing software and opening programs. If registry items are misplaced or corrupted, the computer will take long er to find the items it needs, which will slow it down. Considerations Some registry software programs will scan computers for fre Mathilde Meyer e, although it may be necessary to buy the software to have errors fixed. However, free scans can be useful in determining if the .

ck Downloads on the top of the screen, then type Burn DVD. All of the available DVD-burning programs appear on the screen. As long as no Buy Now tab is next to the program you can download it for free. Click Download Now to download the DVD-burning pro gram. 2 Double-click the downloaded file to launch the installation wizard. Follow the brief set of prompts to install the DVD-bur ning software. 3 Connect a coaxial cable into the Out port of the VCR, then insert the opposite end of the cable into the In p rental agreement ort on the TV capture card. You can purchase such a card at most large electronic stores. 4 Launch the video-editing program on th e computer, then select the Capture feature and click the TV capture card. Press Play on the VCR and the content begins to p Mathilde Meyer lay. Select Record on the video editor and the computer begins to record the content off of the VHS tape. Click Stop on the vi .

lled. Select Video DVD and click Add File. Choose the video file you created and click OK. Once the file appears on the scre en click Burn to place the VHS file onto the DVD via the free, downloaded software.1 Right-click the Bluetooth icon in the botto m task tray -- next to the clock -- on your computer. 2 Select Join a Personal Area Network. 3 Choose a device from the list, or click Add and add a new Bluetooth device. 4 Click Connect to finish enabling and setting up PAN.HDD Low Level Format Tool A f free book ree formatting tool that also performs low-level formatting, HDD Low Level Format Tool lets you erase your Maxtor hard drive and r estore the device to its original settings and size. The tool supports S-ATA SATA, IDE E-IDE, SCSI, Universal Serial Bus USB Mathilde Meyer and Firewire Maxtor hard drives as well as LBA-48 drives. The formatting tool formats Maxtor hard drives up to 281 billion gigaby .

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