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ess point. 2 Turn the access point over and make note of the name of its name. The name begins with netgear, followed by six num bers or letters. 3 Click on the Windows button, then click Connect To. Select Netgear from the list of available networks. 4 O pen a Web browser and type in the access point name you made note of in Step 2.Press Enter. 5 Click Setup Options, then enter admin as the user name and password as the password. 6 Click on Wireless Settings and change the SSID to your desired networ free css templates k name. 7 Click on Security Settings. Click Enable next to WEP and enter a WEP key in the text box next to Key 1.Click Ap ply. 8 Connect an Ethernet cable from the Computer to the wireless extender. 9 Open a Web browser and go to the Web address for y Mathilde Meyer our extender. It will look similar to 192.168.X.X.Refer to your user manual for the specific address. 10 Enter the login informa .

the security mode and enter the security key you created in Step 7. Save the changes and exit the extender.1 Identify an availabl e USB port on your computer. A USB port is roughly half an inch wide and a quarter-inch tall. There is a trident-looking icon prin ted next to it. This is the universal USB data port icon. 2 Remove the cover form the USB flash drive. Most flash drives have some sort of cover over the connection port, protecting it from dust and other debris. 3 Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port grass texture you identified. In a moment, the computer states that it has detected a new removable device. 4 Access your USB flash drive. Click Start and Computer and double-click the removable device icon. This is your flash drive and the window that opens features al Mathilde Meyer l of the content currently stored on the device.1 Turn on your workstation computer and log in. Open your web browser and type in .

open. 3 Review the on-screen steps carefully. Decide which options fit your server's needs and configure them to match. Consider changing the password and disabling the DHCP feature for security reasons. 4 Continue through the wizard using the next buttons. C omplete the wizard and review your settings before finalizing. Click Apply to save the settings when you are certain the correct options are selected. Allow up to 30 seconds for the server to reboot.1 Click on the Start button and open the Control Panel camaro models section. 2 Open the Administrative Tools section of the Control Panel and then double-click on the Computer Management section . Click on Disk Management to manage the hard drives on your computer. 3 Right-click on the hard drive that you wish to format a Mathilde Meyer nd click on the Format option. 4 Select a drive letter and volume name for the drive and then click the OK button twice. The h .

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