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vice provider. Verifying Your Computer's Wireless Connection to the Router 4 Click on the network icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen. The icon looks like two small computer screens, one behind the other. Then click on Connect or Disconnect on the small window that appears. 5 Click the button to refresh the list of available wireless networks. Click on the network you want t o connect to in the list and click the Connect button. Your computer will attempt to establish a connection. If the connection f Belly Fat Cure ails, be sure that you are close enough to the router to have a strong signal. Also verify on the router that MAC address filterin g is not enabled. This can prevent new computers from connecting until they are added to the allow list. 6 Open your Web browser. Mathilde Meyer Once you have verified the connection from the router to the Internet and have successfully connected to the router, you should be .

nksys website. Click the download link on the driver package and choose the Save option. After the download finishes, install th e driver and wireless manager by double-clicking the .exe file. Select Run to allow Windows to automatically install the softw are. 2 Verify that there are no objects between the wireless card and the wireless access point that could cause signal interferen ce. Objects that could cause interference include microwaves, 2.4 GHz cordless phones and large metal equipment. Most household ob camaro models jects will not cause signal interference if they are at least a few feet away from either connection device. 3 Open the Linksys wi reless manager and click Connect to a Wireless Network. Select the access point from the list of wireless connections and click Mathilde Meyer Next. Enter the password and security type if any exist, and press next again. The wireless manager will connect to the networ .

r Crystal Eye, which allows you to take pictures and video with different effects added. In some instances, the camera continues to function in instant messaging programs but will not load in Crystal Eye, which will crash. Downloading the newest software ve rsion from the Acer site is a good idea. If the webcam still doesn't load, removing all of the photos in the Acer Pictures folde r may solve the problem and allow the software and camera to function normally. Webcam Disappearing Sometimes the camera suddenly old english font disappears, becoming inaccessible through programs that use the cameras or in Windows Device Manager. You can manually update th e drivers by downloading the exact driver for your system from the Acer website. Unzip the driver package and then use Device Man Mathilde Meyer ager to find the webcam -- which will appear as Unknown Device. Then point the wizard to the directory where you unzipped the d .

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