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into a USB slot on the PC. Wait for the icon of the USB flash disk to appear on the desktop. 12 Double-click on the icon of the d isk repair program to launch it. 13 Press the Down arrow icon on the disk repair program's main screen. Select the USB flash dis k from the list of choices presented in the drop-down menu that appears. 14 Select Intel from the drop-down menu beneath the Pa rtition Table Type icon. 15 Press the Enter key on the keyboard when a new screen appears. 16 Select Other from the drop-down how to install free fonts on windows 8 menu beneath the File System icon on the new screen that appears. 17 Press the Browse button. Navigate in the window that app ears to the desktop. Click the OK button to close the window. 18 Wait as the disk repair program locates the contents of the USB Mathilde Meyer flash disk and saves them to the desktop. Quit the disk repair program once the program states that it has finished. 19 Right-cli .

f the USB flash disk. 21 Right-click on the icon of the USB flash disk when the copying is done. Select Eject from the pop-up me nu. Remove the USB flash disk from the USB slot of the PC.1 Determine if your calculator uses standard or thermal paper. Calculato rs that use standard paper require ink ribbons to print, while those that use thermal paper have a heating element that marks the paper. Calculators that use thermal printing are noisier than standard calculators. The calculator will not workcorrectly if the w usc application fax cover sheet rong type of paper is used. 2 Slide the upper cover off the back of the calculator. Remove the used roll from the calculator by cu tting off any remaining paper with the scissors, and then holding the Feed button on the calculator until any paper still in the Mathilde Meyer rollers is removed. 3 Locate the feed slot in the back of the calculator. It will be wide enough to accept the width of the print .

the paper emerges from the printing section of the calculator. 5 Flip the retaining arm for the paper roll down, and slip the rol l onto it. Alternatively, if the calculator uses an internal paper roll, place the roll inside the calculator in the same spot as the old roll. Replace the outer cover of the calculator.1 Check the sound card. Click the blue Start button. Click Control Pane l. Click System and Security. Click Device Manager. Double-click Sound, video and game controllers. If your sound card is n free music html website templates ot listed here, install it using the sound card's installation disc. If there is a yellow question mark beside the sound card, rig ht-click it and select Properties. Click the General tab. Look at the device status box to see if there is a problem. If a pro Mathilde Meyer blem exists, install the sound card again. 2 Inspect the speaker's cables. Make sure they are connected into the computer. The spe .

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