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t cuts for path requests, which speeds route discovery.1 Click Start, click All Programs, then click Accessories. 2 Under A ccessories, click System Tools. 3 Scroll down the list of system tools and click on Disk Defragmenter to open the User Accou nt Control pop-up. Click Continue. 4 Click Defragment Now. 5 Check the boxes next to the drives you want to defragment. Click OK. 6 Restart the computer after the defragmentation is complete.1 Click on the Start button, which is found on the task bar frozen background at the bottom of your desktop, whether or not you have other applications open or closed. The button will be represented by a blue Windows icon on PCs running Windows 7. 2 Choose the Control Panel option from the resulting pop-up menu. The Control Panel op Mathilde Meyer tion is likely found to the right of your choices. 3 Select Network and Internet from the resulting menu of options. Sort your o .

from the Control Panel. 4 Click on Manage wireless networks from the Tasks list, which is found in the blue-green bar to th e left. 5 Double-click on the wireless network for which you want to set up a security key. The resulting open window shows two ta bs. Choose the Security tab. 6 Enter your preferred key or pass-phrase into the type-in box next to Network security key. 7 Cl ick on OK to complete the process.Installation 1 Shut down your computer and disconnect the power cord. Examine the front panel unity 3d download and press the power button to ground the device. Disconnect any peripheral devices and network cables. Move the computer to a clea n work area with plenty of illumination. 2 Examine the rear panel of the computer and locate the ports on the motherboard. Examine Mathilde Meyer the rear edge of the side panel located opposite the motherboard's port. Locate the cover latch and slide it to the unlocked posi .

sh the top and bottom tabs of the front panel towards the outside edge of the case until the front panel detaches. Rotate the fron t panel off of the computer case and set it aside. 4 Locate an unused drive bay. If all the bays are occupied, select an optical d rive for removal; remove the screws securing the drive to the bay, disconnect the attached cables and slide the drive out the fron t of the drive bay. 5 Examine the jumper settings on the rear of the DVD drive; set the jumpers to cable select mode if you are u Blood Sugar Solution ncertain how to set the jumpers, check the documentation that came with your drive or look for a diagram printed on the drive itse lf. Insert your DVD drive into the selected drive bay and connect the IDE and power cables. Use the screws that came packaged wit Mathilde Meyer h the drive to secure the component to the drive bay. 6 Examine the front panel and locate the insert that corresponds to the driv .

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