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that's turned off can prevent it from turning back on, according to Dell. 3 Attempt to start the Latitude CSX in Safe Mode if it won't boot up into Windows normally. If you experienced a power surge or turned off your computer improperly, there may be latent errors within your system that prevent it from starting up as usual. Power your Latitude CSX off, then back on again, and press F8 before anything comes on the screen. Use your arrow keys to scroll down to Safe Mode and click Enter. 4 Call Dell Business e book Technical Support at 877 293-1196 if the above steps do not remedy the issue. Have your CSX's Express Service Tag number hand y, as the technician will ask for it. This number is located on the underside, near the battery.1 Power down the computer and remo Mathilde Meyer ve both the cables and Phillips screws from the rear of the device. Slide open the computer case to expose the interior of the sys .

e running out of the old CDDVD drive. 4 Connect the power cable into the multi DVD drive, and plug the opposite end next to the p ower cable of the original drive. 5 Close up the computer case and reattach both the screws and cables. Power on the system, then insert the driver installation wizard. Accept the license agreement, then click Next for both the installation name and location . Select Install, and the drivers install onto the computer.Yagi Antennas Yagi antennas are used for point-to-point networking a web page templates nd sometimes for point-to-multi-point. The antenna was originally designed for radio frequency in 1926, but is now used in wireles s communication. Parabolic or Dish Antennas Parabolic or dish antennas are directional antennas that transmit and receive signals Mathilde Meyer and are used for long distance and point-to-point connections. These types of antennas have a narrow beamwidth and must be calcula .

has a diameter of 10 inches and is recommended for point to multipoint or for point to point systems. Panel Antenna Panel antennas are directional antennas that have a flat panel of plastic or fiberglass to make the antenna aesthetically pleasing. This type of antenna is used for both point to multipoint WLAN and point to point links. The panel antenna is usually used by ISPs for hotspot s due to the high cost of the antenna.1 Turn off your Dell Inspiron 1200 Notebook, disconnect the power cable, remove the battery photoshop textures pack and disconnect any miscellaneous cables or external devices. It is never safe to upgrade or repair hardware while your laptop is connected to a power source of any kind. 2 Place the laptop face-down, and then remove the two Phillips-head screws securing t Mathilde Meyer he hard drive's cover in place. Set the cover and its retaining screws to the side. 3 Grab the black plastic strip attached to the .

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