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hard drive, pull the hard drive out of its compartment and set it to the side very carefully. 4 Remove the newly purchased 250 GB hard drive from its packaging. 5 Slide the hard drive into the drive compartment. Replace the hard drive compartment cover, and r etaining screws. 6 Replace the laptop's battery pack, reconnect the power cable and external devices andor cables. Turn on your l aptop.1 Shut down your computer and unplug the power cord. Disconnect any attached devices. Press the power button to discharge an web page templates y residual electricity. Move your computer to an uncluttered, well-lit work area. Ground yourself by touching the exposed metal on the rear panel of the computer's case. 2 Examine the rear panel of the computer and locate the interface ports; this indicates wh Mathilde Meyer ere the motherboard is installed on the computer case. Examine the rear edge of the side panel located opposite the motherboard. L .

ive by disconnecting the attached cables, removing the screws holding it in place and sliding the drive out of its bay. Insert you r SATA drive into the empty bay some models of computer case may require you insert the drive from the front of the bay, which ma y involve removing part or all of the case's front panel. Use the screws that came packaged with the drive to secure it to the dr ive bay. 4 Place the computer case on its side, so that the open end faces upward. Connect one end of the SATA interface cable to photoshop textures the corresponding port on your motherboard. Connect the remaining end to the matching connector on the rear of the hard drive. Con nect one of the SATA power cables leading from your computer's power supply to the matching connector on the hard drive. 5 Return Mathilde Meyer the computer to an upright position and replace the side panel. Use the previously-removed screws to secure the side panel back in .

apters, right-click on the wireless adapter you want to tweak, and click Properties. 3 Click the Advanced tab, click any opti on under Property and then change the setting in Value box to alter the setting for that property. For instance, if you want t o devote more power to your wireless adapter, click the Transmit Power property and then choose the Highest setting. 4 Click Ok when you are done making changes. Change Wireless Router Settings 5 Click Start, type cmd into the search field and press free blender models Enter. The command prompt will appear. 6 Type ipconfigall into the command line and press Enter. Network information will a ppear. Find the value listed as your wireless adapter's Default Gateway. 7 Open a web browser, type the Default Gateway number Mathilde Meyer into the address bar and press Enter. Type your network user name and password into the prompt that appears and then click Ok .

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