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no one person is responsible for inventing this form of computing. Cloud Computing Cloud computing provides access to computers t hat are not on sight. This has been a boon for small, portable wireless devices. Cloud computing makes extra computing capacity av ailable at a moment's notice, on a device like a smart phone. Benefits You are not tied to one place with your computer.You can us e your computer at home, at the office, in the library, in your car or anywhere wireless is available. You can use wireless to con cabbage soup diet nect many other devices to the Internet, such as cellular phones, MP3 players and even cars. Cloud computing also allows you to us e large databases on small devices.1 Connect the USB data cable into one of the USB ports on the computer system. Attach the other Mathilde Meyer end into the USB port on the back of the WD Passport hard drive. 2 Power on the external hard drive. In a moment, the computer wi .

rive. Leave this window open for the time being. 4 Locate the program files you want to copy. Typically this files are found by se lecting Start, My Computer or Computer, C: and Program Files. Inside this folder you can find all the program folders currently installed on the computer. 5 Right-click the folder of the software title you want to copy and select Copy from the pu ll-down menu. Select the WD Passport hard drive window, right-click inside the window, then choose Paste from the pull-down wind free blender models ow. The program will now copy onto the WD Passport hard drive. Once the copying process has finished, you can close out of the har d drive window, right-click the removable device icon and select Eject from the pull-down menu. Once the icon disappears, you ca Mathilde Meyer n disconnect the hard drive.1 Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously. This displays a Run dialog box. 2 Type Devmgmt.m .

n dialog box. This automatically removes the adapter. 6 Click Action and select Add Legacy Hardware. This opens a Welcome to t he Add Hardware Wizard dialog box. 7 Click Next. This brings you to two options. 8 Click the Install the hardware that I manual ly select from a list Advanced option and click Next. This loads a list of hardware types in a new window. 9 Double-click Ne twork adapters from the list of hardware types. This will display a list of network device manufacturers in the left pane. 10 Dou monogram fonts ble-click Microsoft from the manufacturer list in the left pane. This displays all Microsoft-related devices in the right pane. 11 Double-click Microsoft ISATAP Adapter in the right pane and click Next to install it. 12 Click Finish on the Device Insta Mathilde Meyer llation Complete dialog box and restart your computer.1 Insert your USB network adapter into any open USB port on your computer. U .

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