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SB ports are unique, so the correct ports are the only ones into which your device can be inserted. 2 Follow the prompts on the sc reen to complete driver software installation. In some cases, you will be asked to insert the CD that came with your adapter. 3 Cl ick on the network icon at the bottom left of your screen. The icon looks like two computer screens. Click Connect to a network or Connect or Disconnect. You will see one of these two messages depending on whether you are currently connected to a network a free blender models s well as if wireless networks have already been detected. 4 Select the wireless network you wish to connect to in the window that appears, and then click on Connect to establish your connection.1 Place the motherboard in a ventilated area. Preferably near a Mathilde Meyer window where the solder fume can exit. Place a small fan near the workspace to facilitate the dissipation of the smoke from the s .

g iron in and wait for it to heat up to an appropriate temperature. Solder has a high melting point, and it is frustrating to work with an iron that isn't properly warmed. 4 Heat the solder joints of the DC jack one at a time and remove the solder with the pum p or copper braid. 5 Remove the jack with the pliers. If it is stuck in place, use the soldering iron to loosen each pin and apply only moderate force to avoid damaging the delicate motherboard traces. 6 Clean the area with a toothbrush and the isopropyl alcoh monogram fonts ol to remove any burn marks or impurities that could impede the new solder from creating a solid connection between the jack and t he motherboard. Wait for the excess alcohol to evaporate before continuing. 7 Use the rosin-core solder to install the new jack. I Mathilde Meyer f available, you can use a continuity tool to check the connection between the inside of the jack and the new solder joint on the .

ning into the computer. Remove the Phillips screws around the back of the case, then slide the case off to expose the interior of the computer. 2 Slide the new hard drive into the top shelf of the front of the computer. This is directly under your current hard drive. 3 Hold the ribbon cable out straight this is provided with the hard drive. You are going to see there are three differen t connection ports on the cable: one on each end of the cable and one in the middle. Because you are already running the operating search icon system off the first hard drive, you want to make your new hard drive the slave drive. This means all of the program files and downloaded content is placed on the second drive while the operating system boots from the first. To make the hard drive a slave Mathilde Meyer drive, connect the port in the middle of the cable into the ribbon port on the hard drive. 4 Follow the ribbon cable of the first .

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