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om option when asked Which type of installation do you want? 7 Click Drive options Advanced when asked Where do you want t o install Windows? 8 Click on your hard disk and then click the Format option located directly below the hard drive. Your hard drive is now formatted. Click the Next button after the drive is done formatting. 9 Follow the prompts to complete the reinstall process. You'll be asked to select your language preferences among other options. Once you've chosen your preferences, the operat person icon ing system is reinstalled and your computer is restored to factory settings.Linksys Software Does Not Function Properly 1 Disconne ct the Linksys Wireless G USB dongle from your computer. Click on the Start menu tab at the lower left-hand corner of your compu Mathilde Meyer ter screen and click on the Control Panel tab. Double-click on the AddRemove Programs icon and select the Linksys Wireless Ne .

dialog box to exit the Linksys Wireless Network Monitor software installation wizard. 3 Plug in the Linksys Wireless G USB adapte r into an available USB port on your system. Wait for the Windows built-in Hardware Installation Wizard to launch. Check off the box next to the option Install software automatically and click Next.Windows will locate the drivers needed for your Linksys Wireless G adapter to function properly and install them. Click Finish once the installation is completed. 4 Right-click on the non disclosure agreement Wireless Connection Monitor in your system's task-tray at the bottom right of the computer screen. Locate the name of your wirel ess network and double-click on it. Input an encryption key, if necessary, and launch your computer's Web browser. Visit various I Mathilde Meyer nternet sites to ensure that the Linksys Wireless G USB adapter is functioning properly.1 Set up your router as close to the cente .

ear the ceiling. 3 Keep the antenna away from objects that cause wireless interference. Large metal objects, fluorescent or haloge n lights, microwaves, cordless phones and their base stations, and wall ducting or vents can interfere with or even block wireless signals. 4 Point the top of the antenna upwards if it is positioned below the coverage area, e.g., if the router is sitting on a table or desk. Point the top of the antenna down if it is positioned above the coverage area, e.g., if it is wall-mounted near the download free ebooks ceiling.Background Wired Equivalent Privacy WEP and Wi-Fi Protected Access WPA encryption standards require users to submit a correct password before they can access your wireless network.Other features, such as Media Access Control MAC address filterin Mathilde Meyer g allow you to lock down your wireless network to an even greater degree. Risks If you do not secure your network, you run the ris .

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