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k of intruders making use of your Internet bandwidth. Internet packages often include a set monthly data allowance, and your provi der may charge you for additional downloads. An unsecured wireless network can also allow hackers to access the information on you r networked computers. Guidance Consult your documentation or manufacturer's website for information on how to secure your wireles s network. Configuring basic encryption generally involves a fairly straightforward process, and a lot of wireless routers are con non disclosure agreement figured with encryption activated by default.1 Click Start, then Control Panel and select System and Maintenance. Click Dev ice Manager from the list and click the small arrow next to Network adapters to display the list of devices. Double-click the d Mathilde Meyer evice in the list that contains the words WiFi adapter or 802.11. A wireless radio will have these words in its name. The Pro .

roadcasting antenna icon it. On a laptop the button is located either on the side or on the front. In some brands the button is a lso the F12 key. On a desktop the button is usually located on the front of the computer, and is clearly visible. If you cannot locate the button, check your user manual. 3 Press the wireless button to turn it on. The indicator light next to the button or th e light in the button will turn on. Depending on the manufacturer of your computer, the light may change color when it is connecte download free ebooks d to a wireless network.1 Click Start, the arrow to the right of Shut down and then click Restart to restart your computer. When your computer starts to boot up, tap the F2 key repeatedly to open the BIOS screen. 2 Use the arrow keys on your keyboard t Mathilde Meyer o navigate through the menus. Go to the Boot menu and then select Boot Settings Configuration. Move to the Quiet Boot settin .

ould disconnect from the Internet and seek help to protect your computer. Software problems Tabs allow you to open multiple pages in a single browser session. A corrupt web browser may result in the unintentional opening of tabs. Adware Spyware and adware are easily installed on most computers without the user's knowledge. The purpose is to steal information or to get advertisements spam med to you. Sometimes a virus may cause the same type of problem. Spyware is often the cause of tabs opening on their own. Install free website template ing anti-spyware and running a scan may solve this problem.1 Insert the USB flash drive into one of the USB ports on your computer . A USB port is a rectangular port roughly half an inch long with a trident icon next to it. In a moment, the computer will announ Mathilde Meyer ce that it has detected your new removable device. 2 Click the Start button on the desktop the Windows icon in Windows Vista an .

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