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earch box in the top right-hand corner of the window, then click Change Bluetooth settings. 2 Check the box beside Allow Blueto oth devices to find this computer and click OK to save your settings. 3 Open Devices and Printers from the Start menu on th e other computer you want to network and click the Add a device button. That computer then searches for and lists devices availa ble to connect to. 4 Select the master computer from the devices displayed and click Next. One of the computers will generate download website a security passkey. Enter this key into the connection setup window on the other computer. Repeat this process to connect other co mputers to the master computer.1 Power on the Windows 98 computer and insert the flash drive into one of the USB ports on your s Mathilde Meyer ystem. 2 Click Start, then select My Computer. A new window loads onto the screen. Double-click the removable device icon. 3 D .

the default options in place changing the default settings can result in the computer being unable to detect the driver or even the device. Select Install, and the driver for the flash drive installs onto the computer. 5 Click and drag files into the open USB flash drive window. This copies the file content to the flash drive. Once the file transfer has finished, close out the flash drive window and disconnect the flash drive from the USB port.1 Locate the device names and model numbers for the hardware whose water texture firmware you plan to update. 2 Navigate to a web page such as Softpedia and search for firmware for Sony hardware through its mode l number or firmware for other types of hardware see Resources. As an alternative, visit Give Me File and search for the firmwar Mathilde Meyer e associated with your type of hardware, whether it be a printer, DVD player or other types of hardware see Resources. 3 Downloa .

ry from your computer system.1 Ensure your computer is Wi-Fi enabled and capable. Some laptops have buttons you need to press befo re they can detect wireless networks. 2 Locate the Wireless Connections icon in your System Tray in the bottom right corner of your screen. Double-click the icon to access all available wireless networks. Click Connect, and then wait for the computer to establish a connection with the network. If you are connecting to a security-enabled network, you need to type a password before xnalara models you can connect. 3 Check the status of your wireless network connection. Click Start, Control Panel and then Network Connect ions. Under LAN or High Speed Internet, read the status of the Wireless Network Connection. If the status says Not Connected Mathilde Meyer , right-click the icon and select Repair. Windows should automatically detect and repair errors in the wireless connection. If .

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