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the status says Disabled, right-click the icon and select Enable. If you are using Windows Vista, click Start, Control Pane l, Network and Internet and Network and Sharing Center and select Manage wireless networks. Read the status of your wireles s connection. If it says Disabled, right-click the icon and select Enable. If the status reads Not Connected, right-click th e icon and select Diagnose. 4 Move the computer closer to the wireless router or the source of the wireless connection for a str water texture onger signal. Walls, cabinets and other wireless devices in the area can weaken the signal. 5 Reboot the router and modem to refre sh the connection if your computer cannot detect the wireless connection or if your Internet connection is slow. Connect to the ne Mathilde Meyer twork again and see if it improves. 6 Check whether the driver for your wireless adapter needs updating. An outdated driver can ca .

s indicates that the driver needs updating. Right-click the name of the wireless adapter and select Update Driver. If you are us ing Windows Vista, open Control Panel, click System and Maintenance and select Device Manager. Double-click the name of your wireless network adapter, click the Driver tab and then choose Update Driver.1 Make sure your DVD burner has the ability to w rite data to dual-layer DVD discs. Though all DVD drives will be able to read these discs, it will take a special kind of drive to xnalara models be able to burn them. Look for the DL logo on the front of your DVD burner to confirm yours is one of these drives. 2 Insert yo ur dual-layer DVD+R disc into your computer's DVD drive. Make sure that the side of the disc that stores data is facing down, towa Mathilde Meyer rds the floor. 3 Click Play DVD Movie from the AutoPlay wizard that appears on screen if your dual-layer DVD+R disc has a movi .

creen, allowing you to fill your disc with content. 5 Select Open Folder to View Files if your dual-layer DVD+R has computer fil es on it that you'd like to access. The files will then be opened in a Windows Explorer browsing window.Update the Audio Driver 1 Click Start. Click Control Panel. Type Device into the search bar. Choose Device Manager from the results beneath Devices and Printers. 2 Expand Sound, video and game controllers. Double-click the audio device to open its properties. 3 Click the D diverticulosis river tab. Choose Update Driver from the options. Click Search automatically for updated driver software. Windows will automa tically update the audio driver to the latest version available. Run Microsoft's Fix It 4 Launch a Web browser and navigate to Mic Mathilde Meyer rosoft Support see Resources. 5 Click Run now from the Microsoft Fix it box. 6 Follow the onscreen directions to troubleshoo .

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