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fferent kinds of keys or passwords. WEP requires a 64-bit or 128-bit encryption key in hexadecimal. WPA and WPA2 can use numeric o r text passwords of varying length. MAC Filter Within the Linksys router, you can configure the router to recognize only certain d evices. These devices are identified by their MAC Media Access Control address. This is also known as a hardware address, since it is burned onto the wireless network device and cannot be changed. Default Password Though this affects both wired and wireles ebook download s networking, it is very important to change the default router or access point password. The default password for Linksys devices is admin without quotes. By changing the default password, the security of the network is increased because only those users wh Mathilde Meyer o have the password will be able to log into the router or access point to change the other security settings.1 Select Start, lo .

on the smaller, circular depression in the center of the tray. 2 Close the tray and double click on the My Computer menu. 3 Sel ect the drive letter of your optical drive to see the information on the mini-disk. 4 Drag and drop the files contained on the min i-disk to your desktop or any other location to extract the files on the disk.1 Check font management software. MICR fonts must be installed correctly in order for you to be able to print them. For example, if you are using an Adobe programs, add the MICR fo css layout nts through the Adobe Font Manager or they may not function. 2 Check your toner cartridge. In order for MICR fonts to print as mag netic, machine-scannable numbers on a check, you must use a special toner that contains magnetic particles. These particles allow Mathilde Meyer bank scanners to read your MICR-encoded checks. 3 Verify that your printer can print the MICR fonts. It should be a laser printer .

R print on the check template that you are using in your word processing software. The MICR numbers must appear in exactly the rig ht position on a check or a bank scanner will not be able to read and process the check. 5 Adjust the weight of your MICR font. If the font is printing unevenly or you notice errors in the number shapes, change to a lighter or bolder version of the font as nec essary. The normal or bold setting of a font can affect the way it prints out on paper. 6 Calibrate your fonts with your printer. brick texture If your font is printing too dark or light, or too wide or narrow, it may be more than merely the weight of the font. You may need to adjust the font to the printer, which is called calibration. MICR font packages often come with a calibration tool to help you Mathilde Meyer make the necessary adjustments so that the MICR fonts on your checks can be scanned correctly.1 Open Devices and Printers from .

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