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r. Click the Start menu, and then click Control Panel to access user preferences. 2 Select Network and Internet. This secti on configures your Internet and network settings. 3 Click Network and Sharing Center. In the left pane, select Set up a connect ion or network. 4 Select and click Set up a wireless router or access point. This will run a wizard that assists you in selecti ng a secure security key for your home network.1 Connect the drive to your computer by connecting the SCSI cable to the back of th ebook com e drive and to the SCSI port on your computer. 2 Insert a USB drive into your computer and back up your important files and folder s in case something goes wrong during the process. 3 Insert the Windows installation CD into your computer. 4 Restart the PC and p Mathilde Meyer ress any key during startup to load from the CD. 5 Press F6 to load the SCSI driver when prompted by the Windows installation sc .

o perform an in-place reinstallation of Windows. This will preserve your existing data while reconfiguring the operating system to accept the SCSI drive.1 Click the Start button in Microsoft Windows and choose the Connect to menu option. 2 Choose a wireles s network from the list. 3 Click Connect and enter the password if prompted. 4 Click Close once you have successfully connecte d to the network.1 Turn your AcomData drive around so the back panel is facing you. Then use your hobby knife to cut through any w website themes arranty stickers or labels that may be covering the seams between the back panel and body of the hard drive. 2 Insert the tips of your fingers in the seam between the back panel and body of the drive. Gently pry the back panel away from the drive and set it as Mathilde Meyer ide. Four screws securing the back plastic cover will now be exposed in the corners of the back of the hard drive. 3 Use your Phil .

rn your drive on its side and remove the two screws running along the side of the housing. Turn your drive over again and repeat t he process with the two screws on the other side. 5 Turn the drive on its end, and the hard disk and internal components should ea sily slide out. You have now opened your AcomData drive.1 Determine the appropriate SD card type for the electronic device in ques tion. This information is always printed in the user manual for the device. SD card types vary. miniSD and microSD cards are commo texture background n to cell phones. Standard SD cards are common to digital cameras, video cameras, and computers. Adapters are available to convert miniSD and microSD cards to the standard size, making them compatible with standard SD devices. 2 Check the device's user manual Mathilde Meyer for the appropriate card class. Card class has to do with how fast data writes to the card. According to, SD card speed .

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