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Once all devices are connected, continue to the next section. Firmware Configurtaion 7 Power-on the PC and watch the screen for t he SCSI setup prompt. This may appear right after the BIOS screen, asking you to press a specific key for instance, F11 or Esc. If the SCSI host adapter is built-in on the motherboard, consult the motherboard documentation on how to trigger SCSI setup. 8 Wat ch the SCSI setup screen to see when the hard disk activates. Most host adapters will show active devices immediately. On the scre mail icon en, you should see a description such as the model number of the hard disk you just connected. 9 Enable the hard disk as a boot drive. This can be worded in different ways, depending on the exact host adapter andor BIOS extension you have installed. Most Ad Mathilde Meyer aptec? host adapters show an option for Boot Target that must be set to device 0 zero. The LUN for the device should be set to t .

rs, however, the wording on your screen may be different may also appear as Int 0x13. 11 Use defaults on the remaining settings to boot from the hard disk. In some cases, check with the documentation or support website for the SCSI host adapter not the make r of the hard disk. Verify that the physical settings jumpers on the hard disk itself are a match for these host adapter settin gs.1 Connect the device that uses the memory stick to your computer through a data USB cable. Click Start, followed by Computer timeline template or My Computer and double-click the removable device icon. A window opens and displays all of the content stored on the memo ry stick. 2 Click on the files you no longer want or need on the memory stick and select Delete. A window appears asking if you Mathilde Meyer are sure you want to delete the content. Click yes and the files are deleted. 3 Right-click the file you want to save and select .

e same make if you use an SD memory card, purchase a new SD memory card. Make sure the new memory card has more storage space th an the old card, and compress your files to save memory.1 Navigate to PhaserSMART. 2 Type in the IP address for your printer. To f ind out the IP address for your printer, scroll to Printer Identification on your Phaser 7750. Press OK, then scroll to I.P. Address. Enter this IP address into the fields provided. 3 Click Start PhaserSMART. This will now fix and troubleshoot your pri free books download nter automatically.Software Software problems come about because there is either conflicting software running or the files being u sed are corrupted in some manner. Reinstalling the software often solves these kinds of problems. Hardware Hardware problems can b Mathilde Meyer e related to software problems. Often reinstalling a driver can fix a hardware problem. Otherwise, your hardware will need to be r .

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