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creen so that it faces you. Pop off the rubber seals over the screws holding the screen bezel in place and carefully unscrew the s crews. Lift off the bezel and remove the screws on the front and the sides of the screen. There should be around six of these, two at the front and two on each side. 2 Lower the LCD screen from the back of the laptop and lay it on the keyboard so that it is fa ce down in front of you and disconnect the video and inverter board cables. In some cases, the inverter board will be attached to 3d house the screen and you will need to unscrew it in order to remove the cable. Once unscrewed, disconnect the cable and take out the inv erter board. 3 Peel off the foil and tape at the bottom and side of the inverter board, but do not throw it away. You will need it Mathilde Meyer to put the screen back together. Remove the screws from the side of the screen and lay it face down. Take off the film that cover .

ils to unlock the latches around the side of the screen and pop the metal frame free from the LCD. 5 Separate the LCD and attached circuit board from the metal frame and the screen background but be care not to touch the LCD or the background with your fingers . If there is dust this is where you will find it. 6 Unlock the side snaps on the screen to separate the optical layers of the bac kground. For water damage, you can replace these, or try to clean it with a soft cloth. For a cracked LCD, skip this step and simp Glycemic Index Diet ly insert the new LCD screen and circuit board in between the background screen and the metal frame. 7 Reassemble the device rever sing steps one through four and re-securing all screws. Replace the laptop battery and turn the screen on. It should look brand ne Mathilde Meyer w.1 Right-click on the Start menu and select Explore. 2 Click on the drive letter of the old hard drive. 3 Right-click on the .

the program information from your old drive to your new drive, merging them together.1 Consult your product manual on exactly how to activate your computer's wireless capabilities. Since the procedure to turn on Wi-Fi usually varies among computer manufacturer s, your product manual will explain how to get wireless service on your laptop. 2 Activate the wireless component from the outside of your computer. Many computers have switches on their sides that must turned to the ON position or a universal Wi-Fi above 3d house the keyboard. 3 Start and log on to your computer. 4 Click on the Wireless Internet button at the bottom-right of the task bar. A list of possible Internet connections will appear. 5 Click on your desired wireless Internet connection. Depending on your conne Mathilde Meyer ction type, you may need to input a password to be connected wirelessly to the Internet.1 Open the SonicWall TZ 200 content filter .

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