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less than $100. Once the hard drive is installed, simply restore your data to the new hard drive. Failure Prevention On a new har d drive, files are stored in blocks, so the file is in one physical location. After awhile, files can get split up and scattered a cross several locations on your drive; this is called file fragmentation. and it causes your hard drive to have to look in many di fferent places to find the complete file. To reduce this fragmentation, periodically defragment your hard drive. Not only will thi 3d house s improve system performance, it will reduce the strain on your hard drive. Also, keep your computer in a clean, cool environment, and if you have a laptop, do not move it around while it is on.Polishing Materials The key to the right material is that it must Mathilde Meyer be slightly abrasive or act as filler. You want to remove the outer film of the DVD without creating more scratches. A common prod .

l want to utilize cotton cloth such as a piece an old t-shirt. Do not polish in a circular motion. Polish straight from the center ring to the outer edge of the DVD. See Figure 1. Do this around the DVD in its entirety. This is to keep the DVD level with the p olished finish.You are doing this with a dry cloth to remove dust and debris from the DVD. Next, apply the desired material to the cloth and polish the DVD. Some of the products used to fix the DVD are mild abrasives. If you rub the abrasives with the grain of frozen font the DVD it can cause irreparable harm to it. If using wax or peanut butter it is a good idea to let the DVD sit over night. This gives the wax or oils time to set into the DVD scratch.Rinse the DVD with cold water, but do not rub the surface with any material Mathilde Meyer . Pat dry with a cotton cloth or let it air dry. Your DVD should be back in working order. If it is not then: a it is not repaira .

. 2 Type without any quotes devmgmt.msc and press the Enter key. This will open a new window for Device Manager. 3 Scroll do wn the list and locate Network adapters. Double-click on it and find the entry for your Bluetooth device. 4 Right-click on it an d select Disable.Background As wireless networking technology has developed, various standards have been introduced. The wireles s IEEE 802.11n standard was made official in 2009 and offers data transfer speeds of around 150Mbps. The standard is backwards-com icons free patible with older 802.11b and 802.11g standards. Benefits As well as faster transmission speeds, 802.11n wireless devices can ope rate over longer distances than older wireless networking technologies. To benefit from these advantages, Wireless N cards need to Mathilde Meyer be used with compatible 802.11n wireless routers or access points. Options Wireless N cards are available as both internal and ex .

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