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ternal devices. Internal options include PCI cards for desktop PCs and PCMCIA cards for laptops. Alternatively, external USB devic es are available.Some modern laptops come with integrated wireless cards, some of which are Wireless N compatible.System Restore I nstalling a computer program or driver can cause instability within a PC, often making a computer run slowly or stop responding co mpletely. System Restore allows a computer system to return to its condition at an early date, called a system restore point whe frozen font n the computer was not unstable. Location Located on the C Drive of the hard disk, System Restore is accessible through the star t menu of a PC. To restore it,the computer user clicks the Accessories button within the All Programs menu thenclicks System Mathilde Meyer Tools followed by System Restore. Data System Restore holds free a large amount of data on the C drive of the hard disk of a .

lable space on the hard drive falls to less than 80 megabytes.Purpose The PPG notifies the cell phone of the presence of a rington e download, an Instant Message, an Email, new handset firmware or Multimedia Message. The handset will be provoked to issue a soun d on receiving the notification. The notification takes the form of a URL in a text string. Function The Push Proxy Gateway does n ot originate the message. This is done by a PI Push Initiator. The gateway's job is to locate the required target device. This icons free is does either by using its known IP Address, or by signaling the receiving number via SMS Short Message Service. Standards The format of the message received and passed on is governed by the Push Access Protocol PAP. These standards are maintained by the Mathilde Meyer Open Mobile Alliance OMA.1 Make sure the PCI card is fully inserted in the computer. If the PCI card is loose or not completely .

. Restart the computer. When your computer has restarted, insert the PCI card back into your computer to see if it is recognized. Removing the PCI card from the computer resets it which can allow all the components to work properly. 3 Connect the wireless PCI card to another computer to determine if it properly connects to the Internet. If the secondary computer connects to the Internet successfully then the issue is with your computer and not the PCI card. 4 Visit the manufacturer of the PCI card's website, click rental application on support and documentation and download any drivers or updates for the equipment. Depending on how long ago you purchased the PC I card, data can become outdated and the system needs an update for it to function. 5 Click Start, right-click on my computer an Mathilde Meyer d click manage. Click device manager and scroll down to other devices or network adapters and look for your device. Right-cl .

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