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ick on the device and click properties. Click on the driver tab to update the driver or click ontroubleshooting under the Gene ral tab were Windows will automatically attempt to troubleshoot the device1 Open an image editing application on your computer. If you don't have one, or only have Paint a Windows component that lacks enough options to make detailed edits, open a Web browser and access an online image editor such as Pixlr or Splashup, and open your file from there. 2 Remove or change text by using the icons free eye dropper tool to select the background color behind the text, then using the brush or rectangular drawing tool to color over th e text. The selected area will be blank, and you can use the text tool to type over what you just removed. You may need to experi Mathilde Meyer ment slightly to match the font face and size. 3 Rotate the document if it scanned slightly askew. Use the magic wand tool or rec .

use until the document appears straight. Once you have straightened the document, you can use the eraser tool to erase the rest ar ound the border. 4 Insert your own images or graphics to add on or replace others by opening a graphic in the same graphic program . Use the selection tool to select what you want, click Copy, then click into the other document and click Edit and Paste. T he image you have pasted into the new document will be in a new layer, so you can move it freely without affecting the rest of the rental application document. Resize it by clicking Image, then Image Size, and entering new pixel sizes, or by selecting the image and using the Transform tool.What to Look For If your computer freezes frequently, either during the boot process or when you are working wit Mathilde Meyer h it, you may have a failing drive.You will notice that your computer completely stops working and does not accept any input from .

Run a virus scan when you start noticing a problem.You may notice files or partitions disappearing without having deleted them. Th is is caused by the hard drive readwrite heads not being able to access certain sectors.This could also be caused by file system corruption.Run ScanDisk or CHCKDisk to check for physical errors on the hard drive.Saving or accessing files may become extremely slow.Computers slow down when you have multiple software applications running at the same time, if you have a slow operating syste free download books m or if your memory is failing.However, if it slows down so much that you cannot open or save a file, the drive may have corrupted sectors.You may notice that the drive is notrecognized by the computer's BIOS, or it shows incorrect information.If the drive is Mathilde Meyer not recognized at all, check the power connection and the connection to the motherboard, as the problem could be electronic.If the .

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