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IP address into the Repeater IP Address box, and the base station's MAC address in the Base Station MAC Address box. Click A pply. 13 Close the browser window, disconnect the Ethernet cable from the 834B router you just configured to act as a wireless re peater, and plug it back into the router you're using as a wireless base station. 14 Open a browser, log in to the base station ro uter, and go to Wireless Repeating Function again. 15 Click the Wireless Base Station radial button and enter the MAC address website design templates of the wireless repeater router you wrote down earlier. Click Apply.Google Chrome 1 Click the Wrench button at the top of the browser. Scroll down and click the Tools option to bring up a new window. 2 Choose the Clear Browsing Data button. Check the Mathilde Meyer Clear Browsing History box in the dialog menu that appears. 3 Click the Everything option and select the Clear Browsing Data .

of the menu and click the check box labeled Also Delete Files and Settings Stored by Add-Ons. 6 Choose Yes to delete all brow sing history. Choose the Delete Forms and Delete History options instead if you only want to remove search entries. Mozilla Fi refox 7 Tap the Alt and T keys or click the Tools heading at the top of the window. Choose the Clear Recent History entry. 8 Click the Time Range button at the top of the window and choose Everything. Click the check boxes next to the Form and Sea brick background rch History and Browsing and Download History entries. 9 Click the Clear Now button at the bottom of the window to delete you r previous searches.1 Insert the software CD into your computer's CD-ROM drive. The setup wizard should run automatically. 2 Choos Mathilde Meyer e Setup from the wizard's main menu. 3 Click Next and allow the wizard to check for a connection with your Linksys WET54G. 4 C .

Next. The SSID is the network name the wireless router displays when you detect wireless connections in your area. If you have a Linksys router, the default name will be Linksys. 8 Click Next again and do not alter the current ethernet bridge IP address . 9 Type a security password in the Passprhase text box if you would like to use WEP security on your Ethernet bridge, then pres s Next. This is optional. If you do choose to use a passphrase, write down the key that appears in the box next to Key1 in a p free models lace you will not lose it. 10 Review your Linksys WET54G settings and click Yes to confirm. 11 Click Exit to close the softwar e. Your Linksys WET54G should now be connected properly.1 In Windows XP, click on the Start Menu, then Run and type in cmd. In W Mathilde Meyer indows Vista or Windows 7, go to the Start Menu and type in cmd in the search box, then click on the program. 2 Type chkdsk r .

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