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lity of the drive to be realized. Updating your firmware usually requires a download of the setup program from your manufacturer t hat needs to be run only once. It is important to note that during the upgrade of any firmware within your PC or Mac, no other app lication should be running. A failed firmware update will render a device inoperable and require that an RMA Return Merchandise A uthorization be issued.1 Connect the WAP54G to the PC using the Ethernet cable. 2 Open a web browser on your PC and type 192.168 grapefruit diet .1.245 in the address bar. 3 Enter the password admin at the prompt. Do not enter anything in the username field. 4 Click AP mode in the window that appears. 5 Select Wireless Bridge at the menu, then enter the MAC address of the first access point in Mathilde Meyer the box below. Click Save Settings.Open Windows Registry Editor Click Start, type regedit in the Search field and press En .

ywhere on a blank area on the right side of the window, select New then DWORD Value. Name the value NoAutoUpdate. Right-cli ck the Value and click Modify. The Edit DWORD Value dialog box opens. In the Value Data field enter a 0 if you want to enabl e Automatic Updates, or a 1 if you want to disable Automatic Updates. Click OK when you are finished. Notify or Automatically Download Updates Right-click again on a blank area of the window on the right side, select New then DWORD Value. Name the Valu free models e AUOptions. Right-click the Value and click Modify. The Edit DWORD Value dialog box opens.In the Value Data field enter a 2 to notify of download and installation, enter a 3 for automatically download and notify of installation or enter a 4 to aut Mathilde Meyer omatically download and schedule installation.1 Click once on the time displayed in the lower right corner of your computer's desk .

s in the future relative to the current date.Click the OK button to save the setting. 3 Open a web browser and connect to the SS L web server by typing the IP address or URL of the SSL web server into the address bar at the top of the Web browser.Press the E nter key.The web browser will display an error that states: Certificate is invalid. Check the SSL Web server to ensure that the SSL Web server continues to operate in accordance with the Web server configuration.1 Find the support website for your computer, free font search for its RAID-setup document and then download it. Also, check the documentation for your computer's motherboard to determi ne which type of hard drives you need to purchase, typically Serial ATA SATA. In your motherboard's documentation, find a diagra Mathilde Meyer m that shows the locations of its SATA cable connectors. The first four are typically SATA 1 primary, SATA 1 secondary, SATA 2 pri .

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