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mary and SATA 2 secondary. 2 Turn off your computer and inspect it to make sure it has empty drive bays for two additional hard dr ives. Verify that your motherboard has a pair of free SATA connectors for the new drives. For example, if you currently have only one SATA drive, its cable connects to the SATA 1 primary connector and nothing connects to the SATA 1 secondary connector. Therefo re, you can connect your two mirrored drives to the SATA 2 primary and secondary connectors. Write down the signal and power cable free models lengths you will need to connect your new drives. Purchase your new hard drives and the cables. 3 Back up all data on your comput er. For example, you can copy data files and folders either to an external hard drive or to free space in another computer on your Mathilde Meyer home network. If you have full-system backup software, also make a disk image of your main hard drive and store it on an external .

For example, you can enable RAID for only your SATA 2 primary and secondary drives, configure RAID 1 and specify that it is non-b ootable. 6 Copy data into your non-bootable drive mirror, which your operating system will identify through a single letter---for example D. When you write any file or folder to your drive mirror, RAID 1 writes it automatically to both mirrored drives.Instal l the CD Writer 1 Shut down the computer. Disconnect all cables and peripherals. 2 Remove the left side panel while facing the fro free font nt of the case. You may need to remove screws or manipulate latches. Please see your case or computer manual if you are unsure how to open the case. 3 Locate an empty bay that will accommodate the Sony CD-RW. Remove the front bezel the part of the case that s Mathilde Meyer ticks out at the front if necessary. Remove the corresponding drive bay cover. 4 Set the jumper pins to Cable Select if your mo .

ng screws. 6 Attach the IDE ribbon cable to the port on the Sony CD writer. 7 Attach a power supply cable to the appropriate port on the burner. 8 Reinsert the power cable and all other peripheral devices. Restart the computer. Test the Burner 9 Insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW. Make sure the media matches Sony's recommended media list for your particular model. 10 Open your computer's CD bu rning software. Add at least one file to the to-be-burned list. Reinsert and open the disk's files if the burning software reports icon motorcycle that it has written the disk. The CD burner tests okay if your computer can open and read the files. If not, continue to the next step. 11 Download and run the Sony DriveCheck Diagnostic tool see Resources. Input all of your information, including the media Mathilde Meyer type and media number, and follow the remaining instructions on-screen. The program will show a PassFail result on-screen and ge .

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