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nerate a file that you may send to Sony Support for more assistance in the case of a failure.Add Hardware Wizard C lick Start and Control Panel. Click Add Hardware and the Add Hardware wizard will pop up. Select Yes I have already connect ed the hardware and click Next. Select Add a new hardware device at the bottom of the list and click Next. Install Windows XP Codecs Select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list Advanced and click Next. Click Sound, video and ga free font me controllers from the Common hardware types and click Next.Select Standard system devices in the Manufacturer section o n the left. Click the Have Disk button. Click the Browse button in the Install from Disk box. Click the Browse button in t Mathilde Meyer he Install from Disk dialog box. Navigate to C:WindowsSystem32 and find the mmdriver.inf file. Double-click the file, then .

art your computer.1 Download MSXML Fix from the Microsoft Download Center. 2 Choose Save when the download dialog box appears. Choose a secured location to save the setup file MSXMLFix.EXE. 3 Double-click MSXMLFix.EXE to extract the fix. 4 Copy the fil es MSXML6.MSP and MSXMLFIX.VBS to the same folder. 5 Double-click to run cscript MSXMLFIX.VBS. Reboot your computer to fix the error.1 Go to Start then Network and Internet Connections. A network connection dialogue box will open. 2 Open Network C icon motorcycle onnections and click to Wireless Network Connection. A wireless network configuration window will appear. 3 Click on Wireless Networks and Add. You'll see text boxes for your wireless network name and password. 4 Enter your SSID network name if it did Mathilde Meyer n't automatically populate directly from your LAN's router. Also enter your network password. 5 Choose OK to exit out of the wir .

ring a large amount of computer-readable data, such as digital photos and music, in such a way that the device doesn't need a cons tant source of power to remember its contents. Since this term has been around for awhile, it includes even severely outdated fl oppy disks--many of which could hold less than one present-day photograph--under its umbrella of large data storage. Common Types USB flash Drive hold a great deal of data and are easy to use when traveling. As of March 2010, the most commonly used mass storag pantone color chart e devices are USB flash drives, MP3 players, internal and external hard drives, DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray discs and SD cards. Common Uses Mass storage devices are often used in cameras and cellphones, in the form of SD cards, in order to store pictures, music and vid Mathilde Meyer eo. They are also a convenient way to transport files from one computer to another in the form of a USB flash memory stick. Using .

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