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w connection or network. 2 Scroll down in the list to select the option to set up a wireless ad hoc computer-to-computer netwo rk and click next. Click Next again, after reading the description about this type of network. 3 Enter a name for the network , as well as a security key. This name and key will be used by other users to connect to the network created from your computer. 4 Write down the name and key you entered. Click Next and wait for the network to be created. 5 Click the network icon in the tas free ebooks online k bar on a different computer. Select the name of the network you created, and enter the key when prompted to connect to the netwo rk. Connect other computers to the network in the same way.1 Look for the model number of your DVD burner. This model number is ty Mathilde Meyer pically printed in big lettering right on the front of the burner's disc tray. Write this model number down on a piece of paper fo .

in Step 1 into the Search function on the website of the burner's manufacturer. This will bring up the product page for your e xact model of DVD burner. 5 Scroll down to the Support section and click on the link to download the most recent version of that DVD burner's device driver. This will download a small computer file to your hard drive. 6 Click two times on the file for the bu rner's device driver to execute it. Click Extract to install the burner's driver on your computer. 7 Restart your computer. When free responsive website templates your computer boots back up, it will now recognize your DVD burner.1 Click the Windows Start button. 2 Click the icon labeled Control Panel. 3 Select the Devices and Printers icon. This will show you all of the printers connected to your computer. Each Mathilde Meyer printer will have its own icon, and the icon label will reflect the model number of the printer it represents. Right-click the app .

k Apply. Your printer is now shared over the WAN.1 Click Start, type cmd into the search field and press Enter. The comman d prompt will appear. 2 Type ipconfigall and press Enter. A list of information about your network connections will appear. S croll up and find the Default Gateway number listed for your wireless connection. This number is your router's IP address and th e number you must use to log on to the router's administrative panel. 3 Open a web browser, type the Default Gateway number into steel texture the address bar and press Enter. A prompt will appear asking for your router user name and password. Type in your network user name and password and click OK or press Enter. 4 Navigate your router's administrative panel to the Firewall options area. The Mathilde Meyer menus will vary from one router to another, but Firewall settings will likely be listed under a Security menu. For instance, on .

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