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the Linksys WRT54G series of routers, click the Security tab after you log in to the router. 5 Select the option to disable or turn off the router's firewall and then save the changes. Again, options may vary from one router to the next. On Linksys WRT54G s eries routers, check the Disable box next to Firewall Protection and then click Save Settings.Check Battery Power 1 Check th e battery power indicator located with the device status lights below the right side of the display screen. It looks like a batter free responsive website templates y with a lightning bolt in the middle of it. If the indicator is flashing orange, proceed to Step 2. If the indicator is not on at all, proceed to Step 3. 2 Plug the power cord into the AC adapter connector on the back-right side of the laptop. Let the laptop Mathilde Meyer charge for three hours or until the battery power indicator turns green and starts blinking, indicating the laptop is nearly fully .

er-left corner of the laptop. 4 Move the battery-release latch to the left, then lift and remove the battery. Wait for a few secon ds, then slide the battery back into the laptop until it clicks and locks into place. 5 Turn the laptop right-side up, open the mo nitor then press the power button. If the laptop does not wake up from standby mode, proceed to Section 2. Test Power Cord and Bat tery 6 Plug the power cord into the laptop and remove the battery. 7 Press the power button to wake the laptop up from standby mod steel texture e. If the laptop wakes up, the battery needs to be replaced. Proceed to Step 3 if the laptop still does not wake up. 8 Plug anothe r electronic device that you know works into outlets until you find one that works. Plug the power cord into that outlet. If the l Mathilde Meyer aptop does not turn on, the power cord needs to be replaced. Re-seat Memory Module 9 Unplug any devices connected to the laptop th .

s of the memory module out away from the module, causing it to tilt upward. Remove the module. 12 Slide the module back into its s lot and press it firmly into place then push the retaining clips in to lower the module into place. 13 Slide the battery into the battery bay until it clicks and locks into place then turn the laptop right-side up and turn it on. The laptop should wake up from standby mode without any further issues.Burning a CDDVD With Windows 1 Insert a blank CD or DVD into your computer's optical dri architecture models ve. 2 Click Start and Computer. Double-click the drive that contains the files you want to burn and navigate to the folder tha t holds those files. 3 Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on each file that you want to burn to disc. If you want Mathilde Meyer to burn all of the files, click Edit and Select All. 4 Point your cursor at one of the highlighted files and click once. This .

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