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will open a menu. 5 Select the Send To option under the menu, then click on the CDDVD burner. 6 Click the Write these files t o disc option after Windows has prepared the files for burning. This will burn your selected files to disc. Burning a CDDVD With Mac OSX 7 Insert a blank CD or DVD into your computer's optical drive. An icon will appear on the desktop labeled either Untitle d CD or Untitled DVD, depending on which type of disc you inserted. 8 Open a Finder window and select the files you wish to b steel texture urn to disc. 9 Click and hold the left mouse button and drag the files from the Finder window to the disc icon on the desktop. Rel ease the mouse button. 10 Double-click the disc icon, click on the File menu and select Burn CD. 11 Click the Burn button on Mathilde Meyer the pop-up dialog that appears. Your files will now burn to the disc.Run Anti-Virus Tools 1 Scan your entire computer using anti- .

discovers the kangen.exe process. This will usually entail isolating the infected files and removing them. Your anti-virus softwa re should also locate essential Windows files affected by the kangen process and either attempt to clean them or isolate them. 3 R un the AntiBrontokAen executable -- see Resources -- which will attempt to remove all of kangen's processes, restore your registry editor, and give you back your original folder options. 4 Reformat your computer to restore all infected files to their original architecture models states if your anti-virus software is unable to clean them. Removing the Virus Manually 5 Restart your computer. While it's turnin g back on, tap F8 repeatedly until you access the Advanced Boot Options menu. Using your arrow keys, navigate to the Safe Mod Mathilde Meyer e with Command Prompt option, and press Enter. 6 Enter the command reg delete HKCUsoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionpo .

pe regedit. This opens your registry editor. From the directory menu on the left, expand and open HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindo wsCurrentversionRun. Registry variables will appear in the larger window on the right. 8 Delete all entries containing the word s Brontok or Tok-, then restart your computer. Open the Registry Editor again and expand and open HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWin dowsCurrentversionPoliciesExplorerNoFolderOption and delete the entire entry. Restart once again. 9 Run a search of your enti leptin diet re computer, including hidden files, using the search term *.exe..The asterisk is a wildcard which will be substituted by any fi le or folder name that contains the .exe at the end of it. Delete -- and only delete -- the files that are displayed as folder i Mathilde Meyer cons, as these are associated with the kangen virus.1 Connect the USB data cable to the 8x DVD burner and plug the opposite end of .

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