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the cable into the USB port on your computer. 2 Power on the 8x speed DVD burner and the computer states it has detected new hard ware. However, you still need to install the drivers for the device before the computer can use it. 3 Insert the DVD's driver inst allation CD. In a moment the installation wizard loads onto the screen. 4 Accept the license agreement, then leave the installatio n name and location as-is. Select Install and the driver installation onto the computer. You are now ready to take advantage of architecture models the 8x speed DVDs. When you burn the DVD, it is automatically going to burn at the top 8x speed.1 Double-click on the wireless ada pter icon near the system clock. Your wireless connection utility will open in a new window. 2 Look for a tab or menu option that Mathilde Meyer says Settings or Advanced Settings and click on it. 3 Find a section that lists your adapter's wireless speed settings. Netgea .

ault Windows network utility by going to the Device Manager and double-clicking your wireless adapter. 6 Select Advanced then W ireless Mode from the dialogue box that appears. Select 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g from the list of connection types in the m enu. This enables all connections and should increase your speed.1 Launch Microsoft Office Outlook. 2 Click Mail in the left pan e. 3 Click the Deleted Items folder in the left pane. 4 Locate the distribution list by its name in the list of deleted items. S leptin diet ingle-click, drag the list and drop it to the Contacts folder in the left pane. If you do not see the distribution list, manuall y type the name of the distribution list in the Search box and press the Enter key. If you still do not find it, go to the nex Mathilde Meyer t step. 5 Click the Contacts folder in the left pane. 6 Click the Tools menu. Choose the option that says Recover Deleted Ite .

Contacts folder.Wireless Router You will need a wireless router so that your computer can communicate with the home network you set up from wherever it is positioned. Routers have LAN connections for hard wiring as well as wireless LAN for laptops and deskto ps with wireless capability. Wireless NIC Adapter You will need to purchase a wireless NIC network interface card and install it into your desktop computer. The NIC card must be 802.11g compatible and will slot into one of the PC slots. The small aerial will architecture models protrude from the rear of the tower and must be kept within range of the router receiver. Most desktops have an NIC card integrat ed for a CAT5 cable, but not all desktops have a wireless capability. Laptops Older laptops without wireless technology will have Mathilde Meyer PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association slots. The wireless interface card needs to be situated in the sl .

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