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ager, right-click on Computer or My Computer, depending on the version of Windows, and click Device Manager from the left-si de bar, or from the tab labeled Hardware. Once in the Device Manager, expand the section labeled Networking Devices and right- click on the wireless network adapter. Click Update driver software to begin searching for an update. If an update is found, fol low the onscreen instructions to install the update. 4 Reinstall the wireless networking adapter if updating the driver does not r architecture models emedy the problem. To reinstall the wireless adapter driver, right-click on it from the Device Manager and select Uninstall. Onc e the device is removed from the computer, restart the computer. Once Windows loads, it will automatically detect and reinstall th Mathilde Meyer e driver. 5 Run the Windows 7 Diagnostic Tool if the computer uses the Windows 7 operating system to diagnose any networking iss .

ws 7 Diagnostic Tool will automatically run and will attempt to repair and establish the wireless connection. 6 Attempt to manuall y connect to the wireless network. Open the Network and Sharing Center and click Setup a new connection or network. Enter the network name, security type and network key into the text boxes and click Next. If successful, click Use the existing network and then click Connect. The network name, security type and network key can be obtained from the network administrator or by log font styles ging into the router. For help logging into the router, consult the instructions included with the router.1 Verify that there are no CDs, DVDs, floppy disks or other removable media inserted into the computer. If there are, remove them and restart the computer Mathilde Meyer . 2 Open the BIOS setup menu when the computer first starts up. The key to open the BIOS menu is displayed on the screen as the co .

from the motherboard, it can cause a boot disk failure error message. Turn the computer off, unplug it, open the case and check t he connections on the hard drive cables to make sure that they are connected properly.1 Click on the Start button and then click on the Control Panel option. Click on the Network and Internet Connections option. 2 Right-click on the wireless network adap ter and then click on the View Available Wireless Networks option. 3 Double-click on the wireless network name and then the Wire house icon less Network Connect dialog box will appear. 4 Enter your WEP key into the Network Key field, then click on the Connect button . If the status message that then appears says Connected then your wireless adapter is configured. 5 Click on the Change the or Mathilde Meyer der of preferred networks option if your status message says Authentication did not succeed, then click on the name of your wir .

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