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eless network in the Preferred networks section. 6 Click on the Properties option and then click on the Open option. Click o n the WEP option and then enter your WEP key again into the appropriate fields. 7 Click on the key index that corresponds with y our WEP key from the Key index list and then click on the OK button. Click on the OK button again to save all of your change s.1 Press Ctrl, Alt and Delete simultaneously to launch Task Manager. Click the Processes tab. Scroll down the list to l font styles ocate .SWF files. Single-click each of them and click End Task. 2 Reinstall Adobe Flash Player. You may experience over-usage of your CPU if your current Flash installation has gone corrupt. Click the Start menu and select Control Panel. Switch to Classic Mathilde Meyer View. Double-click Add or Remove Programs. Scroll down and locate Adobe Flash Player. Single-click and select Uninstall. R .

back to Flash Player 9 see Resources. 4 Minimize Flash usage on your Web browser. The easiest way to reduce Flash CPU usage is b y closing down browser windows with Flash content websites that you may not be using. Flash websites, even when unused, consume me mory and, thus, slow down your computer performance.1 Contact HP to find out if your HP laptop has a drive bay that will fit a Blu -ray player. You will have to provide HP with the model number of your laptop. 2 Contact HP's spare parts division online or by te house icon lephone and purchase a Blu-ray player. You will have to provide your model number. 3 Open the laptop where the current optical dri ve is located. The drive may come out after pushing a button on the back of the laptop or it may have to be unscrewed from the bac Mathilde Meyer k of the computer. 4 Insert the Blu-ray player where the old optical drive was and screw it in place or, if there are no screws, p .

ttings under Startup and Recovery. Uncheck the Automatically Restart under the System Failure section. The process applies to most versions of Windows, including XP and 7. 2 Recreate the issue. Open the programs you were using and attempt to generate th e issue. A majority of the time, you will be unable to recreate the issue. The next BSOD error that occurs will not reboot your co mputer automatically, giving you time to write down the technical information. 3 Write down the first aspect of the error. The sec customer service resume ond section will have a sentence without spaces, such as PAGEFAULTINNONPAGEDAREA. This is what caused the computer to crash. The page fault error implies a possibly damaged memory module. INACCESSIBLEBOOTDEVICE indicates that the drivers for a storag Mathilde Meyer e device or hard drive were incorrectly installed. Most other common errors involve the word DRIVER pointing at a faulty driver. .

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