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te.Solder the end of the other wire to one side of the metal ring surrounding the screw. Let the solder cool for one minute. Unplu g the soldering iron. 5 Unscrew the bottom connector plate from the antenna rod.Put the connector plate aside. Turn the N adapter plate over. Place the exposed contacts on the bottom of the antenna rod against the exposed contacts on the N adapter plate. Secur e the bottom of the antenna rod to the sides of the N adapter plate with strips of electrical tape. 6 Remove the protective plug c grass background overing the antenna port on the Wi-Fi card or wireless router with your fingers put the plug away for safekeeping. Plug the Pigt ail N adapter into the antenna port.Close Internet Explorer Proxy Open Internet Explorer, click Tools from the toolbar and then Mathilde Meyer click Internet Options. Click the Connections tab at the top and click LAN Settings at the bottom of the Connections secti .

Close Google Chrome Proxy Right-click the Google Chrome shortcut on the desktop and select Properties. Click in the Target p ath and enter a space, then type ---no-proxy-server= at the end. For example, it may look something like C:ChromeApplication chrome.exe --no-proxy-server=.1 Create a backup copy of your hard drive before removing, if applicable. Hard drives are very sens itive, and you can corrupt data if you drop or mishandle the drive. Erase any personal data on the hard drive if you intend to thr 3d flowers ow it away or sell it. Use a software program such as Boot and Nuke to completely reformat the drive. 2 Disconnect the power. Tu rn off your computer. Disconnect all power cords and electricity to reduce risk of electrical shock. If the computer uses a batter Mathilde Meyer y such as a laptop, remove the battery as well. Allow the computer to power down for a few minutes after unplugging it. 3 Attach .

ers directly, as these devices can retain an electrical charge even after the computer is disconnected. 4 Locate the case screws o n the computer's external body. In desktop computers, this is usually on the side or back. On laptops, the hard drive has its own small cover located on the bottom or side. Unscrew the case screws or hard drive cover screws by using a screwdriver, turning the screws counterclockwise to remove them. 5 Locate the hard drive in the case and disconnect any cables. In desktops, manufacturers low calorie diet often connect the drives via special SATA, IDE or ATA cables. These cables often have a small plastic clip on the sides to secure them in place. Lift up any clips on cable connectors first, and slowly remove the cable. Grip the cable connector rather than the Mathilde Meyer cable to prevent damage. In laptops, hard drives often snap into place, and no cables are used. 6 Inspect the hard drive case and .

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