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the wizard, if you didn't install it previously. 6 Enter your wireless network name and password when prompted. You're now connec ted to your wireless network. Your computer should automatically join the network in the future.1 Open the calculator's lid, and r emove the plastic roll that used to be filled with paper from the calculator. 2 Find a new roll of paper that matches your calcula tor size and width. Locate the small plastic or metal arms that held the previous paper roll in place. Insert the new roll onto th low calorie diet ose arms by connecting one end of the roll to the left arm, followed by attaching the other end to the right arm. Make sure that t he paper is rolling out from the bottom facing up and not the top facing down. 3 Pull away some of the paper from the roll. This m Mathilde Meyer ay cause a jagged or rough edge on the paper at the end of the roll. Use scissors to cut a straight, clean edge at the end of the .

key may also appear as an up arrow instead of the word FEED. This will cause the gears to move the paper through them and feed it up and out of the calculator. 5 Position the paper through the plastic cover's slot, and press the plastic cover flap shut. Yo ur calculator should now be ready to use with a fresh, full roll of paper.1 Determine if Memorex DVD-R discs are compatible with y our DVD driveplayer. A list of compatible players can be found in the DVD-R Player Compatibility Chart see References. 2 Veri 3d flowers fy that your computer has a DVD drive. The optical drive CD or DVD will often display a DVD icon on the front of the tray indi cating DVD disc compatibility. 3 Place the Memorex DVD-R into the DVD drive of the desired device. The DVD will automatically read Mathilde Meyer . If the DVD does not read, your drive is likely not compatible with DVD-R. 4 Open the Memorex DVD-R disc on your computer to view .

Double-click the desired file to execute or open.Identify DD-WRT Compatible Router 1 Ensure that the router you are using to conn ect to the Internet is working properly. You will need access to the Internet to complete these steps. 2 Connect your remote compu ter to the Internet router using the Ethernet cable. 3 Identify the model of the wireless router that is not connected to the Inte rnet. Most routers can be identified by their brand and model number located on the bottom of the router. 4 Open an Internet brows font generator er and in the URL box type http:www.dd-wrt.comwikiindex.phpSupportedDevices and scroll or search the site to see if DD-WRT firmware is supported on your router. Download and Install DD-WRT Firmware 5 Open http:www.dd-wrt.comsitesupportrouter-data Mathilde Meyer base in your Internet browser's URL. 6 In the white prompt box underneath router database, type in the name of your router or t .

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