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he manufacturer's name and hit Enter. 7 Locate your model in the list and click on it. 8 You will find the correct build of DD-W RT to download. Be sure you choose to download the via Web version, as it is the easiest for a novice to perform. 9 Disconnect t he Ethernet cable from the Internet router and connect it to the router you will be using as an access point. 10 Hard-reset the ro uter by locating the small pin-sized reset button on the back of it. Insert a paper clip or like object into the space and depress 3d flowers the button for 30 seconds while it is on. Unplug it and continue to depress it for 30 more seconds and then plug it back in while continuing to depress the button for another 30 seconds before you release it. 11 Log in to your router using an Internet browser Mathilde Meyer by typing the address of your router into the URL box. Usually the address is 12 You might be prompted for a user na .

option at the top of the page, then click Firmware Upgrade. 14 You should then be able to browse for the DD-WRT firmware you d ownloaded. 15 Click Upgrade or the like button and wait for the router to upgrade to the DD-WRT. 16 Five seconds after your upgr ade is complete, reset the router. You should now be able to log in to the router at and access the the DD-WRT interfa ce if it is correctly installed. Using DD-WRT to Set Up Router 17 Log in to the access point router using an Internet browser. 18 font generator Click on the Wireless tab. 19 Set Wireless Mode to Client Bridge in the pull-down box and click Apply. 20 Enter the SSID t o match the SSID of your Internet router, then click Apply. 21 Click on the Wireless Security tab and make sure that the secur Mathilde Meyer ity mode and password are the exact same as with your Internet router and click Apply. 22 Click on the Setup tab and configure .

rnet will be able to connect to the wireless router.1 Choose a new operating system for your Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop compute r. Because of the way the laptop is made, you can essentially choose any available version of the Windows operating system. The Ma c OS X will not run on the Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop computer even if you format the hard drive first. 2 Insert the installati on disk for the operating system you selected in Step 1 into your Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop computer. Make sure the disk is se home icon cured in the disk tray and that the disk tray is completely closed. 3 Click Start and then Restart to restart your Toshiba Sat ellite L300. 4 Wait patiently for the installation utility for your newly chosen operating system to pop up on the screen. Once it Mathilde Meyer does, click Install. Click Yes when asked to confirm whether or not you want to replace your existing operating system with t .

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