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le. 4 Run a disk check on the drive that holds the corrupt file. Click the Start menu and select Run... Windows 7 users will h ave to manually type run without the quotes in the search bar and press the Enter key. Type without the quotes CMD and p ress the Enter key to launch Command Prompt. Type without the quotes chkdsk c: r f at the prompt and press the Enter k ey. Replace c with the drive letter that holds the corrupt file. Wait until Windows checks the disk for errors and fixes them. T Mediterranean Diet ry to open the file. 5 Use external third-party programs that are designed to fix corrupt files. Note that specific programs are d esigned to fix specific file types. Choose a program based on the file extension of the corrupt file. Use this option as your last Mathilde Meyer option as it may cost you money to download third-party programs. 6 Remove malicious programs from your computer. Click the Star .

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. Click Next when you see the welcome screen. Click the option Full Scan. Click Nex t. Let the tool find malicious programs in your computer if any. Once it detects infections of any kind, it will remove them pe rmanently from your system.1 Open your browser and direct it to an Internet speed test. Quite a few are available on the Internet and work the same way; however, downloads from different locations around your area can create different results, so it is best to free maya models try more then one to get an accurate idea of your wireless Internet speed. See Resources for links. 2 Select the city server you want to run a server test on. The closer the city, the more accurate results you will get. 3 Click Start and let the speed test Mathilde Meyer run. The test will download a file from the tester's servers over your Internet connection and onto your PC hard drive. After the .

reinstall. Ensure that the disc is clean before you place it into the CD-ROM drive. 2 Press the Windows key. Click Control Pan el, Programs and then Programs and Features. Select the program that is displaying the win32 application error. 3 Click Repa ir. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reinstallation of the application. Reboot the computer to finish the proces s. 4 Press the Windows key. Click All Programs, then Accessories, and then right-click Command Prompt. Choose Run as admi fancy fonts nistrator. Type defrag --c at the prompt and press Enter. Allow the defragmenter to complete. Exit the Command Prompt once th e process is complete. 5 Click Start, All Programs and then Windows Defender. Select the arrow beside Scan. Choose full sc Mathilde Meyer an to begin the scan of the hard drive. Allow Defender to detect and repair any system infections.1 Insert the Acrobat 9 installat .

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