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hen the network device immediately after the last device to reply should be analyzed for operational and configuration issues. Mov e to the next step once the network device issues are resolved. 6 Click the Start or Globe button on the PC desktop of the Vis ta computer to which DameWare cannot connect, then click Control Panel and select Windows Firewall. Select the Exceptions ta b in the window that appears.Select the Add Program button, then select the DameWare program from the list displayed and click t fancy font he OK button.Click OK in the Windows Firewall window.Reboot the computer.The DameWare connection should now be restored.1 In sert the tip of your flat-head screwdriver in the seam between the two halves of the base of the hard drive and work your way gent Mathilde Meyer ly around the base until the bottom half pops off. Set it aside. 2 Use your Phillips screwdriver to remove the three screws locate .

ide of the bottom of the hard drive. When finished, set the screws aside. 4 Insert the tip of your flat-head screwdriver in the se am between the two halves of the hard drive itself. Gently work your way around until the front panel separates from the rear hous ing. Set the front panel aside. The metal chassis frame will now be visible in the rear housing. 5 Use your Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws on either side of the metal chassis that secure it to the housing. After this is done, gently remove the heart icon chassis from the housing and set the housing aside. Your Seagate is now open.1 Set up the router near a computer with a wired net work card. Plug the computer into one of the router's open ports with a network cable. Open a web browser and enter the router's I Mathilde Meyer P address. When prompted enter the username and password. This information may be in the router paperwork or on the bottom of the .

e Internet through the router, however, you are limited to having your router near the location of your broadband connection. For DSL you'll need your router near a phone line and for a cable modem connection you'll need it to be near a cable outlet. The DSL o r cable modem will need to connect with a network cable from the modem to the router's Internet port. 3 Set up your computer. Ma ke sure your computer has a wireless network adapter. If it does not, you can purchase an external USB adapter. Click on the adapt business letter template er in the task bar, select your router and click Connect. Enter the WEP or security key if you set one up.Recover Dell, Toshiba and Sony Computers 1 Recover a Dell. Restart the Dell computer, and while restarting, hold down the F8 key until the Windows Ad Mathilde Meyer vanced Options menu appears. Select Repair Your Computer. Press Enter. Pick a language when prompted. Click Dell Factory Ima .

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