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ge Restore. Follow the prompts to restore the Dell computer. 2 Restore a Toshiba back to factory settings. Hold the Power butto n for 10 seconds, or until the computer turns off. Simultaneously, press and hold the 0 and Power keys once. Release the 0 w hen the machine begins to reboot. Click Yes to continue with system recovery when prompted. Choose Recovery of Factory Default Software, then Next. Select Recover to out-of-box state. Click Next again. The Toshiba will restore itself. 3 Recover a Son heart icon y computer. Restart the computer, and as soon as the VAIO screen appears, press F8. Select Repair Your Computer. Click Next under Select a keyboard layout. Click the down arrow under User name to select an Administrator, and enter the password when p Mathilde Meyer rompted. Click OK, then choose a recovery tool such as System Restore, Windows Complete PC Restore or Startup Repair and f .

elect Show more restore points to see a complete listing of available restore points. Click Next. The system will restore itse lf. 8 Click Finish once the restoration is complete. Select Yes to restart the computer.Restoring a Desktop Computer 1 Unplug your computer cables from the back of your computer and open the side cover. Examine how your current DVD drive is installed in th e optical drive cage. Most DVD drives are held in place with two small screws. 2 Disconnect the DVD drive from the power supply co business letter template nnection and the IDE cable that is connected to the motherboard. Disconnect any cables connecting the drive to the sound card. 3 R emove the screws holding the DVD drive to the cage. At this point the drive should be free to be pushed out of the front opening o Mathilde Meyer f the computer. If a special door cover is blocking the drive, remove the front plastic bezel cover from the computer; depress any .

ve into the power supply connection and reconnect the drive to the IDE cable and any other cables leading to the sound card. 6 Plu g your computer back in and boot it up. In most cases Windows XPVista7 will recognize your new drive and install its drivers. If not, go online to the website of the DVD drive manufacturer and direct-download any driver files for the device. Reboot your comp uter. Restoring a DVD in a Laptop 7 Remove your laptop battery and unplug it from the AC power adapter. 8 Go to Gateway Laptop Sup science textbook port online and look for information on how to remove the DVD drive from your laptop case. Every Gateway laptop computer model has its own method for removing the drive, so follow the instructions that pertain to your laptop model number. 9 Follow the Gateway Mathilde Meyer directions to release the old DVD drive from the case. In most cases you will need to release a small screw so you can pull the en .

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