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tire DVD drive out of the case. 10 Insert the new replacement DVD drive into the chassis: only Gateway DVD drives made for this la ptop model will work in this laptop chassis, so make sure you have the right part. Insert the drive all the way into the slot. It should not fall out when the laptop is turned on its side. 11 Reboot your laptop. Windows should recognize the new DVD drive and i nstall drivers for it. If not, go online and find the support website for the DVD drive manufacturer and download the drivers dire business letter template ctly. Reboot your computer again.User-mode A user-mode rootkit tries to avoid detection by you and your antivirus by deleting entr ies or by interrupting calls to the Windows FindFirstFileFindNextFile application programming interfaces APIs, which is how you Mathilde Meyer look at utilities. A user-mode rootkit can also block access to the command prompt, which is how you run command-line tools. Even .

le this type of rootkit can do damage, it is only stored in your temporary memory and these types of rootkits are generally not as sociated with blocking DVD drivers. If you suspect that you have this rootkit, just restart your computer to clear it. Persistent The persistent rootkit starts every time that you boot up your machine. This rootkit is different than the memory-based rootkit. T he persistent rootkit is associated with blocking DVD drivers and it is stored within your system. This rootkit is part of the sys science textbook tem startup procedures and it executes the coding for the malware each time that your system starts. Usually, this rootkit hides w ithin your Registry andor file system and it is a hidden program, which means that it does not require user interaction to start. Mathilde Meyer It can run without your knowledge. Kernel The kernel is the main component of your computer system. Kernel-mode rootkits are extr .

s that you cannot even see it working. It will also not show up in your management tools, including Process Explorer and Task Mana ger.1 Open the Start menu, type cmd and press Enter to open a command prompt. 2 Type ipconfig, press Enter, and note the Defau lt Gateway address for your wireless adapter. 3 Open your computer's Web browser, type the Default Gateway address into the addres s bar and press Enter. 4 Log in to your router. 5 Locate the option to configure your router's security settings. This option's free template placement will vary depending on your router's manufacturer.Uninstall Office 2007 Click Start, type programs and features in t he Search box and press Enter. Find Microsoft Office 2007 in the list of programs and click Uninstall from the bar at the top. Mathilde Meyer Type the administrator password if you are prompted to enter it. Microsoft Fix It Tool Download MicrosoftFixIt50154.msi from th .

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