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e Microsoft website and run it if the above steps did not uninstall Office 2007. Once installed, click the installation link and f ollow the on-screen instructions of the Microsoft Fix It wizard to uninstall Office 2007. Reboot Your Computer Click the Start b utton, select the arrow to the right of Shut down and click Restart to restart your computer after the uninstall process.Porta bility The obvious initial appeal and great advantage of flash memory sticks is portability. Pop one on your keychain, drop it in science textbook your pocket or wear it around your neck. Weighing almost nothing and with a footprint smaller than most people's thumb, a memory s tick is infinitely easier for an active lifestyle than, say, an external hard drive. Already, you can place an impressive number o Mathilde Meyer f files and applications on a 2 GB size. As memory space increases and size diminishes, the portability advantage of flash memory .

the home desktop to the office, and continue using files without missing a beat. Flash sticks are much more durable than other for ms of computer memory. Accidentally dropping a flash stick will likely have no effect on the information contained on it. Extremes in pressure or temperature change won't normally affect your flash memory stick. A final advantage is that information on a flash memory stick can be easily erased, much more quickly that its computer based cousin. Adding or deleting files in flash memory is free template quick and tidy. Disadvantages The primary disadvantages to flash memory are price and rewrite limitations. Since it is still a fai rly new technology, the cost per megabyte of storage is more than a traditional computer hard drive. As is the usual case with adv Mathilde Meyer ancing technology, the price is bound to drop as it reaches farther into the market. The other disadvantage to flash technology is .

the course of a lifetime. In practical terms, heavy users frequently upgrade to the newest model with more memory, so reaching th e rewrite limit is not a concern.1 Unplug the power supplies of your wireless router and Linksys range expander. 2 Turn off all th e computers connected to your home network. 3 Plug your router and Linksys range extender back in. Wait for the Link light to tu rn green. This indicates it has connected to your wireless router. If the Link light stays red, you need to configure the range cloth texture expander to connect to your network again. 4 Turn on the computers and log in to your user account. Open a Web browser and see if the page loads. If it loads, your connection issue has been resolved. 5 An ethernet cable. Connect an Ethernet cable to the range Mathilde Meyer expander if your Link light stays red. Plug the other end into an Ethernet port on your computer. 6 Open a Web browser and enter .

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