Mathilde Meyer into the Web address bar. 7 Leave the User name field empty and type admin into the Password field and clic k OK. These are the default settings; contact the person who set up your network for login information if the settings have been changed. 8 Enter the name of your wireless network in the SSID box in the Wireless section of the range expander's Web interf ace. 9 Select the channel your wireless network operates on from the Channel drop-down menu. 10 Click Save Settings. 11 Click free template the Enable button beside Wireless Security if your wireless router has security enabled.Contact the person who set up the wire less network for information on its security settings. 12 Click Edit Security Settings if you enabled wireless security in the l Mathilde Meyer ast step. Select the same wireless security options as your wireless router has. The security mode, encryption type and network pa .

work as normal.1 Backup all information you want to keep. The following steps will permanently eliminate all information on your h ard drive. Make sure your backup device has enough space to store the data you need. Plug it into the USB or FireWire port of your computer. Save all files you want to keep onto the backup device. 2 Go to and download Darik's Boot and Nuke program. Se lect DBAN for recent Intel and AMB computers if you're using a Windows computer. Then, click OK to unzip the file. DBAN is a cloth texture data-clearing software that overwrites each block of information on your drive several times. To use it, you must log on to a pas sword-protected account with full hardware access. 3 Create a boot disk with DBAN. To do this, insert a blank CD-R or DVD-R into a Mathilde Meyer drive with disc-writing capability to use a floppy disk, click Old Releases, Alternate Downloads, and Source Code from the Dow .

ning and then restart your computer. 5 Access your BIOS. On the start-up screen there may be a list of keys followed by their func tion. Press the key that gets you into Setup. If options of this kind do not appear, press F10 before the start-up screen disappea rs. 6 Select Boot sequence or Boot order and set your computer to boot from the drive containing the DBAN disc you just burned. Th e DBAN program should automatically start. 7 If you want to proceed with completely erasing all data on your hard drive, type aut 3d cars onuke and press Enter. If you want to select from a list of disks and partitions, just press Enter. The space bar selects the disk or partition and n gives you different clearing options.Corrupted Software Printer software can fail to update if the soft Mathilde Meyer ware data is damaged, missing files or corrupted.Fix corrupted software by disconnecting the printer device from the computer, uni .

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