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the router and the wireless computer. If prompted for a password, enter your network password. Internet connection is established .1 Go to the Punch Design website and select your individual product.Look for the listing of system requirements. Compare the syst em requirements to your new computer's hardware information. Make sure your computer exceeds the minimum requirements. If your com puter just barely makes the requirements it will run but may still run slow. 2 Check your hard drive space. Right-click on the St Nutrisystem art menu and choose Open Windows Explorer. Right-click on the hard drive and choose Properties. Look at the available space. If you have less than a gigabyte free on your hard drive, delete some files to make space available. Click on Disk cleanup and t Mathilde Meyer hen select files you can delete, such as temporary Internet files. Click on Clean up system files and then OK, followed by De .

Alt and Del keys together, and choose Start the Task Manager. Click on the Application tab, select one program at a time and then click onEnd Task. Click on the Processes tab and select one process at a time and click on End Process. Processes are all the programs that are running. Programs that are not listed in Applications are running in the background. Do not end a process unless you are sure what program it relates to, because it may be a system process that is needed. If you accidentally clo 3d cars se a process that the system needs, restart the computer. 4 Run spyware and adware removal software. If you don't have such softwa re, download it or purchase it. There are many free programs available, such as SUPERantispyware. After downloading, run a full sc Mathilde Meyer an and remove any spyware. You may also need to scan your computer for viruses with your virus software.Windows Network Diagnostic .

r, then click Confirmation, if you receive a prompt to confirm you as the administrator. You will see a window with a list of e vents from Network Diagnostics. 4 Double-click on an event to open it. You will notice the words, root causes, in the Descriptio n box, which represent problems and repair options, which represent solutions. Troubleshoot Wireless Sharing 5 Right-click the n etwork icon to open Windows Network Diagnostics. 6 Click Diagnose and Repair. Windows Network Diagnostics can help you troublesh disney font oot wireless Internet sharing issues. 7 Check to make certain you have enabled printer sharing and file sharing with your wireless network. 8 Click Start, then Connect To to view a list of wireless networks automatically detected by Windows Vista, along wi Mathilde Meyer th your wireless network adapter. 9 Open Help and Support if Windows cannot detect a network that you think exists within your c .

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