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g up.Rotate the back cover up as far as possible.Lift away the back cover from the computer. 16 Remove the screw that secures the optical drive and slide the drive toward the center of the computer to move it out of the way so you can gain access to the hard d rive. Alternatively, to remove the optical drive, disconnect the power and data cables by pressing their latches, then lift the op tical drive from the computer chassis. 17 Remove the screw that secures the hard drive cage to the computer chassis.Slide the hard how to add volume icon to desktop drive cage toward the top of the computer and then simultaneously lift and pull it from the computer chassis. Disconnect the powe r and data cables by pressing their latches and then removing them from the drive. 18 Remove the four screws holding the hard driv Mathilde Meyer e to the cage and then slide the hard drive out of the cage. 19 Replace the hard drive by reversing all of these steps.Replace the .

fails to launch or finish the installation process. 2 Ensure that you are logged on as the administrator. If not, click the Star t button and then the arrow button beside Shut down. Select Log Off and then log in using the administrator's username and pa ssword. 3 Run a disk scan using a reputable antivirus software. A virus may be hindering the InstallShield Wizard from completing installation. 4 Acquire another copy of the installer of the program to make sure it is not corrupted. If you just downloaded the wheel of time ebooks cover art installer file, ensure that it is from a reputable website. Reinstall the program and see if the problem persists. 5 Access the R eadMe.txt file of the program you are trying to install for instructions on how to troubleshoot certain problems. Use the install Mathilde Meyer ation disc to access the file. If you downloaded the program from the Internet, the ReadMe file should be included among the list .

eputable website like, Bandwidthplace or in order to test the bandwidth strength of your computer. 2 Click on the button that begins the speed test on the website that you selected. The test should run for a few minutes. The site will d ownload a file and measure the speed, and then upload a file and calculate the speed to do this task. 3 Review the results for you r broadband speed test and decide whether or not you need to change providers or install some upgrades on your computer in order t free academic school calendar template o increase the broadband strength and make your Internet speed faster.1 Save all open files and then close out of all open program s. 2 Insert the CorelDRAW 10 CD #1 in the CD-ROM disc drive. 3 Browse the [CD-ROM disk drive letter]:CorelGraphicsConfig dir Mathilde Meyer ectory and then right-click the corelapp.ini file. Note: Depending on the type of operating system you have, you can either typ .

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