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automatically detect and install the new hardware. When the installation is finished you will be notified by your computer. 4 Fol low the on-screen prompts from the installation wizard. For example, you will be asked to agree to manufacturer's terms of service and choose a location on your laptop's hard drive to install the PC card's software. 5 Insert the PC card when you are prompted b y the wizard. Your laptop will detect the PC card and complete the installation. Click Finish to close the installation wizard w cornell notes template indow. Depending on the manufacturer of the PC card or your laptop, you may have to restart your computer. 6 Click the Wireless icon in the notification area to view available networks. Select the network you want to connect to. Click Connect and type in t Mathilde Meyer he password if necessary to connect to the network.1 Reposition your wireless center of operations, such as your modem, router or .

Use a booster or an antenna. You can buy an inexpensive model that plugs into your router. Experiment by setting the antenna in d ifferent directions to get the optimum signal. An HGD antenna high gain directional will increase the strength and range of the signal coming into your computer. 3 Mount your router on the wall. Experiment to see where you get the best signal. This will also help cut back on anything that might be interfering with your signal. 4 Add extra access or entry points into the building where free ebook download you want to boost your signal. If you live in a two-story house, have entry points both upstairs and down. If spending extra money is not in the cards right now, see if you can find a repeater--these get the wireless signal and repeat it, though a repeater m Mathilde Meyer ust be within the range of the network. A repeater is affordable and requires no extra wiring. 5 Buy a power-line extender, a rela .

computer. 2 Remove the screws on the rear of the case and remove the side panel. 3 Place the jumper on the back of the hard drive to the write-enabled position. Consult your drive manual if unsure of how to do this for your specific Western Digital drive mod el. 4 Replace the side panel and restart the computer.1 Go to CnW Recovery Software and download a free version to recover your CD -ROM data. The download will take no more than 15 minutes even with a dial-up connection. The free download version can recover fi real estate website templates les from hard drives, CD-ROMs and DVDs. The formats it can deal with include FAT32, FAT16 and NTFS. It can also recover partitions and boot sectors. Click the Purchase now tab to purchase the full license for $34.99 as of 2010. Run CnWInstall.msi to install Mathilde Meyer the software using the default settings. Enter the registration code gained through purchasing the software. The license will be o .

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