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to import data from a computer calendar such as Microsoft Outlook.Dates, appointments and other things listed on the computer cale nder can be imported, customized and printed using the planner printing software.1 Unplug your Internet modem's power supply. 2 An Ethernet cable. Disconnect any Ethernet cable connecting your modem to another device, like a computer, from that device. 3 Plug the disconnected end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the wireless hub labeled WAN, WLAN or Internet. The hub real estate website templates will only have one of these labels; the exact label varies by manufacturer. 4 Plug the modem and wireless hub's power supplies in to power outlets and wait two minutes. The wireless hub is now set up in a default configuration. 5 Numbered Ethernet ports are se Mathilde Meyer parate from the Internet port. Connect another Ethernet cable to an open numbered Ethernet port on the hub and plug the other end .

Resource 1 for a more extensive list of IP addresses by manufacturer. 7 Change the wireless network name or SSID. This process differs between manufacturers; check your owner's manual for details. 8 Enable a wireless security mode if you want a secure wire less network. Choose a password that is hard to guess but easy for you to remember. Again, this process varies by manufacturer; ch eck your owner's manual for details. Resources 2 through 4 can help you get started on D-link, Linksys and Belkin devices. Your wi desert background reless hub is now set up.1 Plug your USB flash disk drive into a USB port on your computer. 2 Click Start. 3 Click Computer or My Computer. 4 Right-click on the listing for your USB flash disk drive. 5 Click Format. 6 Make sure Quick Format is not ch Mathilde Meyer ecked. This will ensure that you perform a full format and restore of the entire USB flash disk drive. 7 Click Start. Your USB f .

t System Restore. This opens the System Restore utility. 2 Select Choose a different restore point and click Next. 3 Select a restore point from the list that is prior to your registry corruption and click Next. 4 Click Finish. The restore will take a little time and your computer will reboot. Accessing System Restore From Startup 5 Place your Windows 7 installation disc into y our CDDVD drive. Shutdown and restart your computer. 6 Look for the prompt press any key to boot from CDDVD and press Enter. 3d diamond This launches the Windows 7 Setup screen. Select your language preferences and click Next. 7 Select Repair your computer. C hoose Windows 7 from the list and click Next. This launches the System Recovery Options screen. 8 Select the System Restore Mathilde Meyer option from the menu. This will open the System Restore page. Click Next. Select the Choose a different restore point opti .

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